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Teaching English and living in Guangzhou, China

As the third largest city in China, it’s no wonder many foreign teachers flock to Guangzhou to teach. So, of all the cities in all of China, why Guangzhou?

Living as a Foreigner English Teacher in Wuhan

What do we know about Wuhan except for coronavirus? We’ll look at what the city has to offer and what makes it an appealing choice for those looking to live and teach English in China.

Teaching English in Guangzhou - private school vs. public (state) school.

Compare the life of the teacher in the private and state school and take a look at the diffferences between living in the big city and small town in China. Decide which is for you.

Shanghai vs. Suzhou – Where Should You Teach English?

You know you’re going to teach in China, but a common question many prospective English teachers ask is, “Which city in China is best to teach English?”

Teaching English in Suzhou – Paradise in China, Found.

Located just 100km west of Shanghai, this ancient town is an ideal place for English teachers to live and work as an English teacher in China.

Teaching English in Shanghai – Shanghai New Century Primary School

I highly recommend anyone looking for an opportunity to go abroad, teach, and explore to consider Shanghai as a destination. I’ll leave bullet-points below covering the pros and cons of life in Shanghai as a fresh-off-the-boat/plane English teacher.

Teaching English in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province

It is the city that combines the traditional local Chinese culture with modern styles. I’ve lived here since the year of 2015. Every year I notice how this city grows fast and it surprises me every time.

The Ultimate Guide to teaching English in China

You may have studied abroad yourself, heard stories from others who have taught overseas, or just fancy doing something different for a while. So, why should you consider teaching abroad and being one of the thousands who take the chance every year?