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Online teaching with Waijiaoyi — company reviews, application and working hours

Compared to other ESL companies, Waijiaoyi’s hiring policies are simple and easy, making it an excellent opportunity for any ESL teacher outside of North America to apply.

Qkids review — application process and requirements

If you're ready to start your online ESL journey with Qkids, here are just a few things you'll need to know before you start your application

🎞️ Living in Istanbul and teaching English - jobs, students, pros and cons

Istanbul is by far the largest city in Turkey, both in terms of population and geography. It is the cultural capital of the country and it is definitely where you will find most of the ESL teaching opportunities.

Teaching English at Carrot Global - full review. Students, payment and requirements.

Carrot Global is an online English teaching school based out of South Korea. What is Carrot Global looking for in an English teacher?

SayABC application guide - Reviews, interview, salary

If you’re eager to get started with SayABC, here are a few things you’ll need to know before submitting your application.

Top 5 Interview Questions and How to Ace Them!

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 TEFL interview questions and how to ace them! In particular, towards an interview for China, seeing as they are the most popular destination.

How (and why) to film a video introduction

To find a good overseas job, we recommend you to film a short video self-introduction in English where you talk about yourself, your teaching experience and the motivation for going to teach abroad.

Teaching English in Prague mini-guide (video): teaching jobs, accommodation, visas

We're going to be talking about working, teaching English in the Czech Republic, specifically Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic.