Connecting with Candidates in One Click

New features to make your work a lot easier!

On, as soon as you accept candidate's application OR they accept your invite, their contact info is immediately revealed to you. You can view candidate's email and all the messengers they use. However, to connect with the candidate, you previously had to manually enter their contact info into a messenger of your choice.

We've significantly simplified this process. You can now connect with candidates in one click.

Connect on Skype in one click

Click this button to connect with candidate on Skype.

When you press the button, your Skype will open a chat with this candidate, making it easy to send them a message right away. Note, though, that you need to have Skype installed on your device to make this button work.

However, should anything go wrong (for example, candidate misspelled their Skype, or your Skype app completely ignores the button), candidate's contact info will still be available in plain text form, so you can always enter it manually.

This feature is available on all pricing plans, including Basic (free) one.

Automate interview scheduling with Calendly

Even with "connect in one click" buttons, it's still pretty tedious to process candidates using messengers and keep track of all the interviews you scheduled.

That's why we've introduced Calendly as an option. Simply add Calendly link to your profile, and candidates will schedule interviews there, picking the time slot you have available for them.

This is what candidates will see on your profile. Red button will open your calendly link, but you contact info is shown just in case.

If you prefer some other service for scheduling interviews, not a problem! website allows you to add a link to any interview scheduling service you like.

Note, though, that this feature is only available on paid pricing plans, but it's well worth the price thanks to the time savings you make with it!