How Works - Detailed Review for HR

Learn more about features and use the system like a pro!

In this article, we would like to cover the most important features: Applications, Interview Invites and Matches.


When teachers apply to a job you've posted on, their application is added to your dashboard.

  • Candidate's applications are valid for 14 days. During this period, you can accept application (to start interviewing teacher) or to ignore it (if the teacher doesn't match your requirements)
  • If you accept application, one interview invite will be deducted from your account, and candidate's contact info will be revealed to you. Read more about invites in the next section of this article.
  • If you ignore application, it will be hidden from your dashboard. No interview invites will be deducted, so don't hesitate to ignore applications that don't fit you.
  • If you don't react to application within 14 days, it will expire, meaning you won't be able to accept or ignore it. However, you still can invite the same candidate for interview.
  • We allow candidates to apply for vacancies using a CV, without creating a profile. You can always choose if you want to receive such applications and look through CVs manually.

With the assistance of your customer support manager, you can set preferences to work only with targeted applications. Your preferences may include a number of parameters: level of education, citizenship, etc. These settings will also apply to the teachers' directory in order to show you matching candidates only.

Make your vacancy more appealing to candidates and increase the number of applications - check our guide on how to post a great job.

All applications are available in your dashboard, and you can accept/ignore them in one click.

Interview invites

There are two categories of teachers on - Premium and Free.

Teacher's category depends on the current demand for this teacher.

  • Premium - candidates in high demand who fit the requirements of most positions
  • Free - candidates with lower interest from employers

You can use different types of invites to accept applications or invite teachers for an interview using our teacher directory.

With our Basic (Free) plan, you can invite up to 90 teachers per month from the free category.

If you subscribe to one of the paid plans, you will be able to invites teachers from the premium category. Paid subscription also gives you access to the entire teacher directory, with early access to exclusive candidates.

Check this article to learn more about interview invites at

Interview invites you've sent will be marked as Pending until the candidate responds to your invite

We show whether you've already invited candidate for an interview, so you won't waste your invites trying to connect with the same candidate again

When candidate accepts your invite, its status will change in your dashboard. Candidate will also appear in the Resumes section of your dashboard, meaning that you now have access to their full CV and contact details.

You can't invite candidate if they've already applied to your position. Instead, you can accept their application (to reveal their contact info and start interviewing them) or ignore it (if candidate doesn't fit your requirements)

About the match 🔥

A match between you and the teacher is created when you accept candidate's application or candidate accepts your invite.

When match happens, we exchange contact details between you and the candidate. You can see their contact information on our website and schedule interviews in one click.

We also send emails with contact information both to you and the candidate, so you will have a reminder and a copy of contact details in your inbox. You don't need to accept all applications if the candidate applied to several positions you published. As soon as you accept one of the applications, the match is created.

You will see this message on top of candidate's profile

Candidate's profile when you have a match with them

The candidate will also see the match 🔥 notification when viewing your profile or vacancy

With a Professional or Recruiting plan, you can also add your Calendly link (or pretty much any link) to make it easier for candidates to book an interview with you in one click.

Learn more about how it works.