10 online teaching companies that don’t need you to have a degree

As the world continues to move online, the demand for online English teachers only continues to increase. If you're eager to step into the online ESL market, and still want to check if you can teach English online without a degree?

Scrambling to find your keys all while hopelessly trying to avoid the morning traffic doesn’t have to be your reality anymore. As more people start to grasp the benefits of earning money online from anywhere in the world, online teaching has been a great alternative to the traditional work model.

Perhaps you love learning new cultures but going abroad is impossible for you right now, or you’re just looking to earn an extra income without stepping out of the front door, then teaching online is perfect.

As the world continues to move online, the demand for online English teachers only continues to increase. If you're eager to step into the online ESL market, and still want to check if you can teach English online without a degree?

Check these 10 online ESL companies that hire without degrees.

Cambly is a great platform to try if you’re just starting. Along with working anywhere in the world, as long as you have a good internet connection, you’re also able to set your hours (who doesn’t love a flexible schedule?). If you have an hour to spare, simply hop on to the platform and wait for your next student to call - it’s that easy! Most students are adults, which is great if you’re someone who enjoys having a more interactive conversation. You’ll also be able to meet new people, as many of Cambly’s clientbase is from Russia, Brazil and Saudi, just to name a few.

Classes aren’t guaranteed, and you may be “online” for an hour with no calls, or you could have back-to-back calls. This can be a bit frustrating when you’re trying to plan your earnings for the week.

Requirements: You don’t have to be a native speaker to work for Cambly, but you do have to be proficient in English (obviously). When signing up, Cambly tests your internet connection and audio. You’ll have to submit a self-introduction video and a short bio.

Earnings: The platform automatically tracks your time, and you’ll earn $0.17/min ~ $10.20/hour. You’re paid via PayPal every Monday.


31abc accepts non-degree holders if you have extensive teaching experience. Having a TEFL, TESOL, or TESL certificates along with teaching experience with kids is a plus.

You will have the same students 3 days a week. That means very stable teaching hours and income for teachers. Each class lasts for 28 minutes, and count as half-hour lessons in regards to coaches’ salaries.

Class times in North America are in the morning before traditional work hours. You will be teaching one-on-one or two students, grouped by their English as a Second Language levels.


This company not only offers the best pay but is highly flexible when it comes to schedule setting. The company believes in giving its employees the freedom to choose their working slots that best befits their lifestyle. If you are someone who likes to start in the early hours of the day, you can choose the morning time as your slot.

However, there may be instances where time-difference can be a challenge. The teachers might be needed to render their services during late-night hours.

The only requirement is to be present, punctual, and have a good Internet connection. In case a teacher needs assistance in preparing a program, the company is willing to provide all the necessary support.

They provide extensive training sessions to prepare the employees as they believe in giving everyone a fair chance regardless of whether they are degree holders or not. However, they should have some sort of teaching experience to compensate for the lack of a degree.

Preply is an online education platform that connects students and teachers from all over the world. There aren't many requirements to become a tutor with Preply, but without prior teaching experience, it can feel as if you were thrown in at the deep end.

You’re able to create your schedule, but it can feel a little daunting, as you’re responsible for creating your student’s curriculum (or lesson plan) and your class bookings are based on your ratings and qualifications. Not only are you able to create your schedule, but you can set your hourly rate too.

Requirements: When working with Preply, you don't have to be a native speaker or have any specific qualifications. However, it would be in your best interests to have a TEFL certificate since you'll need to be marketing yourself and your skills.

Earnings: According to Preply, their top tutors can earn up to $550 per week, so it's a platform that can be profitable if you work hard. You won't get paid for teaching your first class, as Preply takes 100% commission. Once you've made it over this hump, they'll retain 30% to 18% from your classes. The more classes you have, the less commission they take.

If you're looking for more structure in terms of lesson plans and pay, then Acadsoc is a great choice. According to their website, they're one of the fastest-growing English learning platforms, and they have around 400 000 registered Chinese students.

Teachers are expected to conduct one-on-one lessons, which is perfect for anyone who loves creating an intimate and engaging classroom. There are full-time or part-time positions available, and teachers can open classes according to their schedule. Another great thing about this company is that they provide incentives, including an enrollment bonus!

Requirements: You’ll need to have a stable internet connection and reliable device. You’re also required to be a fluent English speaker, have a TEFL certificate and be willing to participate in their improvement training.

Earnings: You’re paid via Paypal or direct bank transfer every two weeks, and you can earn between $7- $10/hour.

Open English is one of the leading online English schools in Latin America. It also caters to the Spanish-speaking community in the US and has begun reaching students in Spain. Teachers are allowed to work a maximum of 24 hours a week, making this the perfect company for anyone just looking to earn money part-time.

They offer various topics and lessons for students to learn, but teachers are encouraged to bring their own experience and creativity to the lessons. You’ll be teaching small groups of no more than 12 students, but not to worry, the platform makes teaching fun and easy.

Requirements: Unfortunately, they only accept teachers from North America. If you don’t have a degree, you need to have your TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certification. If you can speak Spanish or Portuguese, it’s a bonus!

Earnings: You can earn up to $15 per hour.

Palfish is an amazing interactive app that provides lessons on your iOS/Android phone or tablet, making this an incredibly convenient way to teach anywhere in the world. It's similar to Cambly in that you're able to hop on and click the "start tutoring" button whenever you have an hour or two free. But since most students are located in China, you'll have to create your schedule according to the time in Beijing.

The platform is conversation-based (called free talk), and teachers can create lesson plans based on their student's learning interests. For example, you can create lessons about travel, weather or English idioms - the list is endless. You can set your rates and marketing yourself is as easy as sharing "moments” and providing free live classes.

Requirements: You need to have a TEFL certification, but other than a good internet connection, a passion for teaching and being fluent in English, you’ll be able to get hired without a problem.

Earnings: How much you earn will be dependent on you, but teachers can expect to earn around $10- $18/hour.

Amazing Talker is another great option if you’re looking for a work from home opportunity that enables you to set your own rates. It’s also great if you’re looking for a flexible teaching schedule that allows you to create your own teaching materials. You’ll interact with students of all ages, and it’s a company that provides a very relaxed and supportive environment. There are two class options, 25-minute trial lessons and 50-minute private lessons. You’ll be matched with students according to your background and the student’s learning needs, so you won’t feel like you’re completely alone in catching the attention of potential students.

Requirements: You’ll need to be a native English speaker, TEFL certificate, and have a passion for teaching!

Earnings: You’re able to set your own rates, but top tutors are able to charge around $25 per class. However, Amazing Talker will take a 15% cut of the rates set.

SkimaTalk is a great option if you don’t have a degree, teaching experience or a TEFL certification. They only require you to be a native English speaker - how incredible is that? You will have to bring your A-game since SkimaTalk prides itself in delivering quality service to its students. Students are able to rate you according to your class, punctuality and preparation. The higher your rating, the more classes you get booked.

If you love learning about Japanese culture, then this is a great fit. Teachers deliver one-on-one lessons to mostly Japanese professionals, and classes are about 25 minutes each. SkimaTalk is a great company to work for if you’re just starting and looking to gain some teaching experience.

Requirements: You’ll need to be a native English speaker.

Earnings: You set your own rate, but SkimTalk does take 20% of each session.

There are incredible online teaching platforms that provide you with the freedom you deserve, and iTalki is one of them. You'll be able to create your schedule and your rates according to what you'd like them to be. This is an excellent platform which allows you to connect with students from all over the world and share your culture with them. Teachers are booked based on their profile, introduction video and student reviews, so make sure you do your best.

There's no set curriculum, so planning your classes are essential to having students book you again. Picking a “niche” is also another great way to stand out from the crowd, so make sure you know who your student is and what you’d like to teach them (a Spaniard who loves learning about the weather, perhaps?).

Requirements: You’ll need to be 18 and older, and be a native English speaker or fluent in English. Having any form of TEFL certification will improve your chances of attracting new students.

Earnings: Teachers can set their rates, but the platform does recommend starting at around $8 - $12 per hour to attract students and rack up some good student reviews. iTalki does take a commission based on the teacher’s set course price.

There are plenty of incredible online English schools that don’t need a degree. If you’re eager to get your feet wet before hopping on a plane and teaching abroad, or you’re simply looking to make extra money, then teaching online is an incredible opportunity.

Along with these 8 schools, there are plenty of other amazing online institutions out there that are looking for passionate English teachers.

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Each school will have its own pros and cons, so make sure you do your research and ensure that they align with your ESL teaching goals.

Happy teaching!