How (and why) to film a video introduction

To find a good overseas job, we recommend you to film a short video self-introduction in English where you talk about yourself, your teaching experience and the motivation for going to teach abroad.

Employers then use this video to assess your level of English and potential as an English teacher.

Here’s some advice regarding the video:

  1. Look nice and cheerful, make sure to smile from time to time
  2. Be relaxed and speak in a simple manner, like you're talking to a friend
  3. Don't read from a paper, look at the camera
  4. Rehearse your speech before shooting the video, make sure you get all the pronunciation right and your accent sounds natural
  5. Mention some kind of teaching experience, even if it's not extensive or formal (e.g. private tutoring, teaching your younger siblings, etc)
  6. You can use any equipment, including your cellphone
  7. Film horizontally
  8. Film the whole video in one take, and don’t add any filters or other post-production effects. Don't waste your time editing video, it's not a film-making contest
  9. Your video shouldn’t be longer than one minute