Opportunities To Teach IELTS Abroad

Teaching IELTS is a great career path for an ESL teacher. It is a job that can take you all over the world. In many countries, people want to prepare for IELTS, in order to work, travel or study abroad.

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Where to teach IELTS

Students who want to learn English for the IELTS test usually don't live in English speaking countries. So, to teach IELTS to these students, the teacher must travel abroad where these students live. It’s good news for IELTS teachers who are looking to travel and teach. Some countries that IELTS teachers may look to teach in are China, Vietnam, Japan, and other the Middle East and Asian countries. Many people who are looking to teach IELTS to move to China, as it has a large market for students who want to learn English for test-taking purposes. Another benefit of teaching in China is that the cost of living is quite low. Students usually start preparing for IELTS in order to enter the university in the English speaking countries.

How to find teaching opportunities

Most often, teachers will have difficulty finding IELTS students on their own. IELTS companies are a gateway between IELTS teachers and students searching for teachers. Through these companies, IELTS teachers may find employment. There is a chance to remain in your home country and teach IELTS online. But, teaching jobs often ask for relocation to the country where students need to learn. There are also IELTS companies that hire both with relocation and to teach online. This may be good news for those teachers that look to stay in their home country while working.

How to teach IELTS

It is important to note that teaching IELTS is not an easy task. Besides knowing English and methods of teaching, teachers should understand individual student needs. Teachers also have to know in detail about the IELTS test, especially how to achieve a high score. The hardest part of preparing students to achieve a high score on the IELTS test is grading their work.

To learn well, the students have to be receiving correct scores on their practice exams. It is a difficult task to grade students based on IELTS test standards. Teachers should look for trained IELTS professionals to grade their students’ work instead. The hardest sections to grade on the test are the IELTS writing and IELTS speaking sections. The two specific sections you will most likely need assistance on are the IELTS general writing task 1 and the IELTS writing task 2. There are no set right or wrong answers. Teachers and students can make use of IELTS writing correction services. There are also guides to grade the speaking section.

Programs for teaching IELTS abroad

On the internet, IELTS teachers may find hundreds of programs offering employment abroad. These programs are a great way to find teaching opportunities in other countries. These programs take care of their employees. Teachers can be sure they are safe and well taken care of in these foreign countries. They receive insurance, help to find housing, funding, and more from these programs.

If you have chosen to become an IELTS teacher, you have selected an exciting career path. Your days will consist of traveling to new countries with different cultures. Observing the beauty of cultures, you will teach students English to prepare for the test. They will be able to pass the IELTS test and move to a new country to work or study in. They will achieve more in their life because they had a fantastic teacher like you to prepare them.