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We decided to release teachers from looking through a dozen sources in the attempt to find the best vacancy. On the other hand, we streamline schools' access to candidates bypassing agents and recruiters.

Teaching industry is extremely untransparent and unstable, every new job board creates even more hassle.

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Kindly note that I did find a job. Your recruitment specialist Joaisy has been absolutely wonderful and extremely helpful and knowledgeable (and very patient with me as well). I got offered a position as an English Teacher. My employment contract states that I am to commence duties as of the 1st of March 2020. I am in the process of organising my VISA and my travel arrangements. Thank you for the follow-up, and again I must really commend Joaisy on her professionalism and support! Holding thumbs now that all works out and goes smoothly now and until I depart for China!

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