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ABC360 is an excellent alternative to other companies that require you to be a native English speaker or from the US/Canada. Interested in learning more? Here are a few things you need to know about this company before you apply.

When it comes to the ESL market, ABC360 has been around for a while. However, with their headquarters in the Philippines, they've only recently started hiring native English speakers to become tutors.
This Chinese-based company was first founded in 2011 and currently has thousands of loyal students all ready to learn English. This online language school continues to be one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry, as demonstrated by their consistent push to hire new teachers.
Their goal is to create a learning environment that is fun and engaging and to boost the English proficiency of their students.

Job Requirements

  • Neutral accent
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Creative and energetic in class
  • Passionate about teaching
  • Teaching experience preferred
  • Bachelor's or above required
  • TEFL/TESOL/CELTA or other teaching certificates
  • When it comes to their requirements for teachers, this company isn’t too fussy. However, you will need to meet two crucial requirements:
  • A bachelor’s degree
  • TEFL/TESOL certification (or equivalent)

Unfortunately, due to the growing landscape of the ESL market, the Chinese government has started to crack down on online learning. Most Chinese-based companies will list these as their core essentials, and there is no way of getting around it. But if you meet these basic requirements, it's easy to get noticed by ABC360 recruiters.

Equipment requirements

  • A laptop or desktop computer and a smartphone
  • Internet connection with at least 4 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speed
  • Headset with noise cancellation feature and HD webcam
  • A quiet, bright and clean teaching environment
  • Power and internet backups preferred

Teachers will need to have a reliable computer or laptop to teach from, this can be Mac or Windows. There are no specific computer specifications noted by the company. High-speed internet is a must and should have a minimum download speed of 10Mpbs and an upload speed of 1Mpbs. Having headphones and a noise-canceling microphone isn't strictly required, but is advised.

Additional Requirements

With ABC360, you're not only able to teach from anywhere in the world, but you can be of any nationality. That's right, this online language school accepts all nationalities as long as you're fluent in English and have a neutral accent.

Additionally, applicants aren't required to have prior teaching experience, but it is a bonus. Teachers need to work a minimum of 15 hours a week, or 60 hours a month, so make sure you'll be able to fulfill this time requirement.

Job Overview

Teaching with this company is relatively easy, as they provide world-class learning materials for their students. ABC360 expects their teachers to undergo training which helps familiarize themselves with the various curriculums offered to students. The process is simple and shouldn't take longer than an hour to complete. After the training, teachers will undergo an evaluation to test their knowledge of the material. All training and assessment is self-study.

Age of Students

The age of students varies—however, most students are young learners between the ages of 5 and 12. The company has a well-designed Phonics curriculum, which attracts many kindergarten students. You'll rarely find adults taking classes with this company; however, they do offer "free talk" lessons that more proficient students enjoy taking. If teaching young students is not your cup of tea, you should look elsewhere

How much can you earn with ABC360

Prospective teachers can earn a good salary with ABC360 if they’re willing to work hard. As the ESL market continues to expand, the landscape has become more competitive. Unfortunately, this has forced many companies, including ABC360, to cut costs where necessary. The hourly rate has since been reduced. The base rate currently offered by the company ranges between $8 - $10 per hour. The amount offered will be dependent on your qualifications and experience.


The company has a referral program in place. Teachers can make a little extra money by connecting potential applicants with ABC360. Teachers receive payment once the applicant has passed the initial interview stage and officially starts teaching at the company. Each successful referral is worth around $50. Apart from this, there are no other incentives offered by the company.

Payment Process

Teachers receive a monthly salary, which they receive before the 10th of each month via bank transfer. Teachers receive their payment in USD, which may incur currency exchange fees for teachers outside of the U.S. ABC360 will reimburse the cost as long as proof of payment is provided. 

The Application Process

If you meet all of the requirements, then it’s time to start the application process. Because ABC360 continues to grow at a rapid pace, they often find themselves hiring new teachers, especially during the busy periods of July and August.

Submit Your Application

The application process is quite simple. You’ll need to complete all the necessary information, which includes uploading your resume, TEFL/TESOL certificates, and bachelor’s degree. Depending on the demand for teachers, recruiters should get back to you within a few days with a “yes or no.”

Apply to abc360


ABC360 prides itself in providing quality teachers to its students. Therefore, the interview process can be a bit lengthy - so be prepared to follow the necessary steps.
If you're selected, a recruiter will contact you to schedule an interview - congratulations. Teaching online provides a great opportunity to stay home and earn extra money; however, treat this as a regular job interview. Make sure you do your research and be ready to answer any relevant hiring questions.
Be prepared; recruiters will sometimes give you a few minutes to prepare a mini-demo lesson for them. It's not always the case, but it's a great way for recruiters to keep you on your toes and ensure you're the right candidate.

Schedule A Demo Lesson

Once you’ve passed the initial interview, you’ll move onto the next stage - the official demo lesson. It’s a nerve-wracking experience, especially with no prior teaching background, but watching plenty of videos may help to ease your nerves. The demo lesson usually ranges between 5 and 7 minutes and is done via Skype.
Before your scheduled demo, the recruiter will provide you with a portion of the teaching material. Make sure you review and create a fun and engaging lesson. Since a large part of their client base are young learners, using fun props and TPR are highly encouraged.  The aim is to demonstrate to the recruiter that their students will be in great hands!
What makes this less stressful is that you do your demo lesson with an ABC360 recruiter and a fellow applicant. The process becomes more fun when you have someone who's in the same boat as you.

Teaching at ABC360


Once they invite you to be an official ABC360 teacher, you'll need to send through all the necessary documents again. This includes your bachelor's degree, TEFL certification, a short bio, professional picture and a simple voice recording that will entice students (or rather, their parents) to book your classes.
Once this is complete, you'll receive your official ABC360 contract; this details all your obligations as an ABC360 teacher. It's always a great idea to read through your contract before signing.

The Hours and Schedule

There are two positions available with ABC360 - part-time and full-time tutors. However, if you’re looking to work from home, then tutoring part-time is your only option.
As a part-time teacher, you will work a minimum of 15 hours a week. While they provide a very flexible schedule for their teachers, you will need to make sure that 12 of your 15 hours are during the company’s “peak hours”. Which are between 18:00 -21:00 Beijing time, so ensure that you’re available during these times before applying. Teachers are required to complete a minimum of 180 booked slots per month, which equates to 60 hours of classes per month.

Class Duration

ABC360 works according to slots or 20-minute blocks. Tutors only have to teach 17-minutes of the 20-minute booked slot, which gives the teacher a 3-minute “rest” until the next scheduled slot. However, students do have the option to double book lessons with their favourite teacher, and this can mean that you may teach the same student for 34 minutes.
Students choose lesson materials based on their learning needs, and the curriculum is quite comprehensive, which makes the 17 or 34 minutes a breeze. While having props are not strictly required in your online classroom, they are encouraged as this will entice the student to book you again.


The company requires all successful applicants to undergo various material-based training. They offer a range of learning materials to their students, making it easier for them to choose a curriculum that suits their individual learning needs. There are two types of training required from teachers.


There are two primary learning materials that all prospective teachers are required to study. It is usually self-study and done via pre-recorded videos. There will be an evaluation at the end of each module, so make sure you pay attention. This training is usually paid for by the company. They have a range of other curriculums, including phonics-based learning, but there is no obligation to study this. However, it is a great option to have on your profile and makes you more attractive to potential students.

2.Teacher Training

Reviewing the materials offered by ABC360 is essential, but so is learning different teaching methods. This company provides its teachers with a chance to study numerous pre-recorded videos that focus on how to teach the material. It's not a requirement, but it is encouraged, and it's a great way to help inexperienced teachers gain more knowledge. It's also an excellent way to get a look at teaching in an ABC360 classroom before you begin. 

Probation Period

Most companies may require you to complete a trial class before officially starting, but not with ABC360, as you'll begin teaching immediately. However, all new teachers are required to undergo a probationary period.
During this time, you'll have a supervisor that will make your time with ABC360 easy and efficient. The probation period usually lasts three months, and is considered a "trial period". Unfortunately, this means you're going to have to put your best foot forward, as they can terminate your contract at any time they feel you're not upholding your end. Therefore, make sure you read and follow the guidelines. Your supervisor will regularly monitor the quality of work, attendance, punctuality, and cooperation. The purpose of this period is to make sure that teachers can meet the standards and expectations of the job as required by the company. As long as you provide good quality work and follow the guidelines as instructed, you should pass the probation period with no problems!

Platform and Curriculum

Start Teaching

You’re finally ready to start teaching - congratulations! For the first few weeks, your supervisor may assist you in opening slots, but it’s a relatively simple process that doesn’t require much effort, and you’ll get the hang of it in no time!
Classes are done one-on-one via ABC360's video-calling platform. The system is similar to Skype or Zoom and is simple to navigate. Along with automatically loading the selected lesson for the scheduled class, teachers can interact with students using various tools and reward systems presented on the platform.
 As mentioned before, the curriculum provided by the company is quite comprehensive and caters to each student based on their age or English level. Most lessons offer a warm-up, target vocabulary section, and a short reading section. It's the teacher's responsibility to make these lessons more fun and engaging by introducing games and using TPR. However, don't worry, there's more than enough content to fill the 17-minutes.

After Class

Feedback: Once teachers have completed their 17-minute lesson, they are required to leave feedback for their student. You'll need to share whether the student did well in class and how they can improve their English. It's also a great way to tell the student how awesome they are and encourage them to retake your class!
Teacher Feedback: Students can provide teachers with class feedback - this as well, which can be positive or negative. As with any online teaching school, teachers need to be professional and respectful towards parents and students, anything beyond this will result in a warning or termination. If a teacher receives negative feedback, it will be escalated to their supervisor and handled accordingly.


Class cancellations are seen as a big no-no at ABC360 no matter the scenario. If there is no other option (emergency, power failure, etc.), teachers are required to immediately inform their supervisor who will then promptly cancel the scheduled lesson. Unfortunately, teachers are penalized for cancellations, whether they give notice or not, and penalties are deducted from their final payslip.


Punctuality is incredibly important when working with ABC360. Teachers are required to be on time for their lessons - no excuses. If they can, teachers are expected to enter the classroom one minute before the scheduled lesson but no later than 20 seconds after the class has begun. Entry into the classroom after 20 seconds will result in a penalty through a salary deduction. Additionally, teachers who are later than 5-minutes will have their class automatically cancelled - resulting in another penalization. Therefore, make sure you are ready before your first class and that you are always on time for your scheduled lesson. It's essential in performing well and having a good reputation with the company.

Pros and Cons


  • Compared to other online schools, ABC360 has the shortest class duration, which makes teaching concise and a lot easier when preparing for lessons.
  • Teachers have a solid support group on Skype. It provides a less isolated teaching experience, as you can bounce ideas off fellow teachers.
  • Along with an active support group, you’ll also receive support from your supervisors/team leaders during teaching times. This is great when you have a question or run into any problems.


  • It’s incredibly easy to rack up salary deductions, especially when it comes to time since punctuality is crucial to the company.
  • Due to budget cuts, incentives are unfortunately a thing of the past.
  • Emergencies are unfortunately not regarded as such and will result in a penalty or warning if you miss a class.

Quick Fire Questions

How long does the hiring process take?

Between 3-10 days

Can you teach for ABC360 if you're not a native speaker?

Yes! But you need to make sure that you're fluent in English.

Do you need a bachelor's degree?

Unfortunately, yes. Along with a TEFL/TESOL certificate.

How long before I'm fully booked?

ABC360 has a steady flow of students, so getting booked regularly isn't too tricky. You will see a surge in students during July and August, as this is usually summer vacation.

Should You Apply To ABC360?

While this is a relatively easy company to work for, you’ll need to have “your head in the game” when it comes to being on time for your classes. Make sure you’re prepared for each lesson and have fun! There’s no real shortage of students, and it’s not difficult to become fully booked within a month of working with this company. Along with great students, they also have a fantastic group of teachers online and stellar staff all looking to make your experience a good one.
Ready to start the application process? Start it here.

ABC360 Reviews

The company is great as they have a good health care plan and other useful benefits but as time goes by, the company went to a downfall because of mismanagement.
You'll love teaching the students. You have your own cubicle and teams. They provide top ranks for the month which make teachers more competitive. Strict if the class is cancelled
ABC360 provides career growth and unending opportunities for personal growth. Working in this company is great since it has a flexible shift, a no graveyard shift.