Teaching at Gogokid: job requirements, application process, reviews

Gogokid may be the new kids on the block, but they're fast becoming one of the biggest online ESL companies, competing with huge names such as VIPKid.

Established in 2018, Gogokid is relatively new to the online ESL space. But don’t let that fool you. This budding online education company forms part of Bytedance - the billion-dollar company that owns apps such as TikTok. Gogokid may be the new kids on the block, but their parents have deep pockets, offering prospective teachers peace of mind when it comes to working for a financially secure company. 

Their primary focus is on teaching young learners across China, providing an engaging platform and a curriculum that employs interactive storytelling to teach vocabulary. Unfortunately, this incredible opportunity is only available to native speakers that are eligible to work in North America (the USA and Canada). If you can meet this essential requirement, Gogokid offers great incentives to help boost your base rate, which helps you earn more while working from home. 

If you’re ready to earn extra income while working with Gogokid, here are a few details you’ll need to know before starting the application process:

Job Requirements

The requirements for Gogokid is pretty standard compared to other companies. To help pass your initial screening, here are a few Gogokids requirements you will need to consider before starting the application process: 

  • Bachelor’s degree or above 
  • Native English speaker from the US or Canada
  • TEFL/TESOL or equivalent
  • One year’s experience working with kids

Unfortunately, native English speakers outside of the USA and Canada will need to look elsewhere as Gogokid only recruits teachers from this particular region. If you're able to meet this requirement, Gogokid provides a fantastic opportunity for you to earn money while working from home or anywhere else in the world. To ensure that your virtual classroom is running smoothly, you’ll need to satisfy a few technical specifications. 

You’ll need an Intel Core i3 or above, an HD webcam (internal or external), a headset with a microphone, and a wired internet connection. You'll need to have a download and upload speed of 20 Mbps for the platform to perform effectively. The Gogokid website doesn’t specify whether you need prior teaching experience, but most teachers have reported that at least one year's teaching experience is required when getting hired.

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Job Overview 

If you're passionate about teaching young learners while earning an extra income - then this is the position for you. Gogokid offers teachers the chance to work with incredible students from around China, all from the comfort of their home. Teachers have the chance to earn up to $25 per hour - which is currently one of the highest rates on the ESL market. 

You will need to be enthusiastic about teaching young students, as some students can be as young as three years old. The length of each class is 25-minutes and is taught in a 1-on-1 setting on the Gogokid platform. Teachers are allowed to create their own schedule, with no minimum or maximum hours required to teach. If you prefer teaching older students, then this may not be the company for you. However, they do appear to be marketing towards older students. 

Gogokid strongly encourages teachers to use props and an additional reward system to further engage students. 

How much can you earn with Gogokid? 

The base rate ranges between $7 - $10 per 25-minute class - most companies offer this per hour. Your Gogokid pay is calculated according to your teaching experience and qualifications and is determined during the application process. 

Teachers are re-evaluated every six months and have the opportunity to increase their base rate if they’ve performed well throughout the six months. It’s quite rare for new teachers to start with a rate of $9 or $10, with most beginning with the minimum base rate.

Teachers have the opportunity to boost their earnings through the Gogokid credit score system. With this unique incentive system, teachers can expect to earn up to $25 per hour if they meet the criteria. Here’s how the credit score system can increase your earnings: 

Credit Score

Each teacher starts with a credit score of 100. For every three classes you conduct, you receive one point. For example, if you’ve taught six classes, you will receive two points. A five-star review from a parent equals another one point. Once you've reached a score of 110, Gogokid adds 10% to your base rate. If you make it to 125 points, you'll get an additional 25% added to your base rate. You'll never have to worry about losing points when a new month begins as points are carried over into the next month. It’s important to note that you can also lose points with this system. To make sure you're on top of your game, here's what you’ll need to accumulate points: 

  • Conduct as many classes as you can
  • Great reviews/ratings 
  • Be on time for class

Teachers receive their Gogokid payment via Paypal or direct bank deposit by no later than the 15th of each month.

The Application Process

The Gogokid application process is very similar to other companies. The process is easy and straightforward and shouldn't take longer than two weeks to complete. 

Submit Application 

For the first step, you'll need to head to the website and register your profile. You’ll need to provide basic information such as country of residence, education background, teaching experience, and a motivation as to why you’d like to teach online with Gogokid.

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Once you’ve passed the initial screening, you’ll need to schedule your Gogokid interview. As of 2020, Gogokid offers two interview options: pre-recorded and live. However, most applicants report that you won’t know which one you get until you hop onto the platform - so make sure you’re prepared for both. Once the interview starts, you’ll provide your education and teaching background. The recruiter (or slide for recorded interviews) will present various scenarios you’ll likely encounter in your virtual classroom (student not paying attention, pronunciation problems, etc.). Show the recruiter how you would handle the situation, instead of telling them what you would do. 

The interview will also include a 10-minute demo lesson. And Gogokid will provide the material beforehand. Along with studying the coursework, there are also plenty of resources online that can help you prepare for your demo. Gogokid is a fan of props, so make sure you incorporate them into your demo and don't forget to use plenty of TPR! Whether recorded or live, the recruiter is looking to catch a glimpse of your personality and teaching style, so make sure this shines through. Most importantly - try to relax and have fun!  


Once you’ve passed your Gogokids interview, you’ll begin the orientation process. The first portion of the orientation is self-study. You’ll be required to review numerous videos, and then complete an orientation quiz. Some applicants have noted that there’s a ton of material and videos to get through, so make sure you dedicate enough time to review the material. Gogokid has recently expanded its orientation program to include a few new additions: 

One-to-many live training session - This is a group training session conducted with a Gogokid training coach. It’s a session that lasts approximately 1-hour and explores the “9 Essential ESL strategies”. You’ll receive a quiz at the end of this session. 

One-on-One Mock Class Training Session - This section is either pre-recorded or live with a trainer and should last approximately 1-hour. During this orientation, applicants are introduced to the functions of the Gogokid online teaching company. Once you’re familiar with the platform, you’ll need to complete a 10-minute mock class. Don’t worry, if you’ve been paying attention throughout the orientation, this should be a breeze! Again, your mock class can either be recorded or live - you won’t know until you enter the platform (recorded sessions will have instructions available). 


Once you’ve passed your mock class, you’ll need to complete your teacher’s profile. You’ll have to upload all the necessary documents, which includes your TEFL/TESOL certificate, bachelor’s degree and background check. The Gogokid contract lasts six months. The possibility to renew your contract is based on your teaching performance during the six months. 

Teaching Hours 

With Gogokid, you decide when you want to teach. It’s the perfect opportunity for stay-at-home parents or someone with a busy lifestyle. There’s no minimum amount of hours you’ll need to fulfil, and there’s no limit to how many hours you teach per day - this is perfect for boosting your credit score. Teachers can open slots 48 hours before the class time or a month in advance. There's no need to contact a Gogokid staff member to open your slots either, as you can do this via the Gogokid Teacher Portal. 

The busiest times are during Chinese peak hours when students arrive home from school. If you live outside of China, you must adjust the time accordingly. Peak hours are between 19:00 - 21:00 Beijing Time, which are usually early mornings in North America. Each Gogokid class is 25 minutes long, but each slot is 30 minutes in total. This allows a 5 minute rest period between classes, and provides the perfect time to head to the bathroom or complete your class feedback. You need to complete the lesson feedback within 12 hours of finishing the class. No feedback equals no pay and may result in points being deducted from your score.

Platform and Curriculum 


Lessons are conducted via the Gogokid video-calling platform. The platform works in correlation with the curriculum, creating a learning experience that’s incredibly fun and interactive. Their online teaching platform has various teaching tools, including a writing tool, fun stickers and a reward system to create a more engaging classroom. Gogokid does advise teachers to implement an additional reward system within their classroom. Along with this, you'll need to have Google Chrome, as the platform and teacher portal works best on this browser. 

Gogokid platform_2.png

Class Structure

As previously mentioned, the length of each lesson is 25-minutes. Gogokid believes that working within a 1-on-1 environment is beneficial to the student, as it allows the teacher to give students individual attention - ideal for learning a new language. If you love working within this setting, then Gogokid is a great option!


The Gogokid curriculum engages the student by utilizing the platform. Each lesson uses a story to teach the vocabulary, encouraging the student to go on “an adventure” while completing the lesson. The curriculum presents diverse characters and interactive games, allowing students to click and interact with the material. Student output is the number one priority within a Gogokid classroom, and students need to talk at least 50% of the lesson. Plenty of visual cues, TPR and repetition, are required from Gogokid when teaching the curriculum. 

Gogokid material.jpg

Pros and Cons 


  • You decide your hours, making it the perfect work-from-home opportunity. 
  • An interactive curriculum that makes learning and teaching fun. 
  • Gogokid pay their teachers well and is one of the higher paying companies on the ESL market.


  • Unfortunately, you could receive a deduction in your credit score if parents don’t rate your class. 
  • The early hours and late nights are not for everyone. 

GOGOKID vs VIPKid - who is better?  

Despite being new, Gogokid is one of VIPKid’s main competitors. They are both alike in that they only hire North American teachers and cater to students aged 3 -12 years old. The job requirements for both companies are similar, but when it comes to the hiring process, VIPKid has a bit of a bad reputation. If you’re looking for a shorter wait time, then Gogokid is your best bet. The pay range for both companies are quite similar and include various incentives. While each company has its pros and cons, and Gogokid is a fantastic option, teachers appear to lean towards VIPKid simply because they have the experience. However, choosing a company that works best for you should always be the top priority.  


Can I teach from anywhere in the world? 

Yes! As long as you’re from or eligible to work in North America, you’re more than welcome to work from anywhere around the world. 

Do I need a bachelor’s degree? 

Unfortunately, you will need a degree in any field to work with Gogokid. 

Should you work for Gogokid? 

As with any company, there’s no good without the bad, and Gogokid is no exception. While they provide one of the highest rates on the ESL market right now, they do appear to be changing their pay structure. However, they still offer prospective teachers the chance to earn a relatively good salary while working from the comfort of their living room. Teachers can choose their hours, but those residing in North America may find the early mornings a bit taxing. 

If you're a passionate ESL teacher searching for an online English company that provides a flexible schedule and a lucrative opportunity to work from home, then Gogokid is great! 

Ready to apply to Gogokid? Head to their website and start the application process today!

GOGOKID review

Here are a few Gogokid reviews that may help you decide:

You can make your own schedule and the students are amazing. But the credit Score system determines your pay rate, which is very confusing.
This Gogokid review is for this considering teaching with them: GoGoKid is one of the higher paying companies for which you can teach online English. However, they recently changed to (as I understand it) a system where if you don't teach a lot of classes you get paid a lower rate. I was not under this system as the change happened after I signed my six-month contract, though I was given the option to update/renew. The lesson plans are fairly straightforward, (be sure to get creative and use lots of props!) The children are generally delightful, well-behaved, and excited to learn. Sure you get the occasional kid who doesn't want to be there, but that's pretty unusual, and if you can get them excited about food or colors or movies or something, they'll probably be more receptive. Good experience gained from the comfort of your own home. The hours (I'm on the West Coast), are pretty awful, especially for the half of the year when it's even earlier (China doesn't do daylight savings). However, if you're able to sleep during odd hours or function on less sleep, this might be the job for you!
Consistent bookings, advanced interactive features on slides. Sketchy payment system, sometimes difficult to communicate with via email

Frequently Asked Questions about Gogokid

What is Gogokid?

Gogokid is one of the biggest names in ESL market and offer an incredible work-from-home opportunity that includes a flexible schedule and a base rate of up to $25 per hour. All classes are one-on-one, allowing you to get to know each of your students personally.

Where is GoGoKid located?

GoGoKid is registered in Singapore, but it’s owned by ByteDance, a Chinese conglomerate that is also an owner of TikTok, famous social media platform.

How do I apply for Gogokid?

The Gogokid application process is very similar to other companies. The process is easy and straightforward and shouldn't take longer than two weeks to complete. 

There are following steps:

  • Application 
  • Interview 
  • Orientation
  • One-to-many live training session
  • One-on-One Mock Class Training Session 
  • Contract 

Do you need a degree for Gogokid?

Yes, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree or above, be a native English speaker from the US or Canada, hold TEFL/TESOL or equivalent and have one year of experience working with kids

How long does it take to hear back from GoGoKid?

After being interviewed for a teaching position, it typically takes one or two business days to hear back from GoGoKid about whether or not you were hired.

What are Gogokid peak hours?

The busiest times are during Chinese peak hours when students arrive home from school. If you live outside of China, you must adjust the time accordingly. Peak hours are between 19:00 - 21:00 Beijing Time, which are usually early mornings in North America.

Does GoGoKid book for you?

With GoGoKid, the parents are responsible for booking classes, but bookings are usually consistent.

How much do you make on Gogokid?

The base rate ranges between $7 - $10 per 25-minute class - most companies offer this per hour. Your Gogokid pay is calculated according to your teaching experience and qualifications and is determined during the application process.