Top 5 Interview Questions and How to Ace Them!

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 TEFL interview questions and how to ace them! In particular, towards an interview for China, seeing as they are the most popular destination.

1. Tell me about yourself

It's best not to talk about your pets, hobbies or your favorite dish, instead, formally introduce yourself, hometown, academic record and professional experience. For example, "My name is Oscar Delgado, I am from Los Angeles, California. And I went to the University of Southern California where I studied Communications and graduated in 2012. In 2013, I received my TEFL Certificate from TEFLWorldwide Prague. And since then I have been teaching English. I taught in Europe for four years and currently in China for one year". Keep in mind, this question is very similar to the 1 minute video self-introduction.

2. Why do you want to teach English?

This is a great opportunity to express your passion for teaching and the positive impact you can have on people's lives. For example, "I absolutely love teaching, it's my passion to teach but above all, I love seeing progress in students, for instance, seeing how far they have progressed from day one to the end of the semester. It's a rewarding experience. It's fascinating for me."

3. Why do you want to come to China?

This is perhaps the most important question because the employer wants to understand whether or not you're invested in China, as opposed to just interested in the salary and benefits package. A great response is, "I am intrigued by Chinese history, culture and most of all, food. I believe that China is an immense country filled with traditions and contemporary art that I would like to explore. So if hired, I would be eager to understand and immerse myself in Chinese culture."

4. How would you manage a disruptive student?

In most cases a disruptive student is just seeking attention. So you could say, "I would give the child specific tasks during the lesson, for example, "please help me organize the chairs, move the tables, clean the window or help me carry these books" - from my experience disruptive children need to exercise extra energy they may have. However, if the problem continues, then after the lesson I would notify one of the school officials - but in any case, I would never raise my voice or lose my patience. I would remain calm at all times."

5. What age group do you feel most comfortable teaching?

Whether you prefer teaching adults, teenagers or children, a more attractive answer is to show your flexibility. For example, "Well normally, I prefer to teach teenagers, however, I am open to teaching all age groups. I believe all ages bring their own distinct challenges but I am more than ready and willing to succeed at your school."