Coronavirus in China

As you must have heard, there is currently coronavirus outbreak in China, especially in Wuhan and other cities in Hubei Province.

The epidemic situation is under control at the moment. All of the roads in cities, villages and counties have been blocked nationwide to prevent people who carried virus from spreading it to others.

We believe it will soon be over, but it may still need one to two months to wholly recover. Please don't worry about it too much, but wait for a few more days if you are concerned whether it's the right moment to come, especially since finding the best offer and going through the visa process takes some time.

We don't mean to downplay this outbreak, especially for those in the endemic regions. However, remember that the media enjoys the spectacle and alarmism of a new outbreak. In the past decade, there have been 6 viral outbreaks in different regions of our planet, and all of them died out, but not before the media made such a fear mongering among the general population of the world.

Note that most schools have postponed the working date to the February 10th (or 17th in affected areas). So please stay patient. We will arrange the interviews for you right after the HRs of the schools start working.

Thank you for your understanding, and don't hesitate to contact us if you need any additional information.