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TEFL in Spain

Main reasons why you should choose TEFL in Spain:


If you are planning to work and live in Spain, it makes sense to do your TEFL training in Spain. You will experience a typical language school environment with typical Spanish students along with a wide range of resources and facilities. You might even be offered work here or at other local academies before the course is finished. In addition, Malaga is an excellent city to live and study in! It´s situated on the southern coast of Spain right on the Mediterranean Sea. It is centrally located and provides easy access to other cities such as Sevilla, Granada, and Cordoba. The average annual temperature is 23ºC or 73ºF.


There are many TEFL courses out there, but most of them are unaccredited. We offer the Trinity CertTESOL course which is validated by Trinity College London and recognised by the British Council and employers worldwide. Credits are also awarded towards degree programmes offered by universities in the UK. Other TEFL courses will not have the same credibility, therefore they may not be effective in helping you to start your career as a TEFL teacher.


The content of any TEFL course should be carefully considered. At TEFL in Spain, we offer interactive input sessions where you will learn teaching skills and develop language awareness; a minimum of 6 hours of teaching practice where you will be assisted in lesson planning and given constructive feedback to help you improve your skills and workshops about finding teaching work in Spain and worldwide.


The other key factor to consider when doing a course is the quality of the training team. All our trainers have years of teaching experience and advanced teaching qualifications such as an MA in Applied Linguistics and the DELTA or Trinity diploma. Even more importantly, all our trainers have a passion for training teachers and the English language.

Course Philosophy

While we recognise that the course is intensive we do not agree that TEFL courses should be like boot camps. We make sure you develop your teaching skills on the course and we also give you plenty of time to reflect upon your particular teaching style. Teachers are not robots and we aim to help you identify your teaching strengths and learn how to use them to best effect in the classroom.


When you use our Early Bird Discount, you will only pay €1399 which is below the industry average of €1550.

Visa Support

Our team provides support throughout the course experience. Before the course, we make ourselves available to make the transition process easier for the students. We will help you locate accommodation and answer any questions you might have regarding your time with us. We continue to offer help and advice even after the course has finished. And of course, we offer job guidance to all of our successful graduates. In addition, for non-Europeans we offer visa support in order to obtain a student visa to study or work legally. We provide you with the required documents to apply for your visa and guide you throughout the process.

Career Services

The most important part of getting TESOL qualified is finding a job when it’s all over. We help you throughout the course and beyond to develop a foundation to be successful in the TEFL job market.

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Cape Town TEFL.TESOL Training Institute

We are an Accredited TESOL course provider. Our Institution was registered in 1991 and have been successfully training those wishing to teach English, both locally and internationally.


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Via Lingua Florence

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