Learning By Heart

We are a non-profit organisation that aims to help make education accessible for all.

We provide online tutoring in exchange for 'pay as you feel' donations to CAMFED, which is another organisation that helps girls in Sub-Saharan Africa get an education.

International Teachers Plus

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Second Tree

Second Tree is a community-led, volunteer-run, grassroots NGO that supports, teaches and learns with refugees across Northern Greece. Our founders were volunteers that independently responded to the humanitarian crisis unfolding in early 2016. They met in Katsikas Refugee Camp and left their old lives to build an organisation that first and foremost treats refugees like people. 

Since then, our team of volunteers has grown and we have reached hundreds of refugees through our programs. We work in two camps reaching approximately 2,500 people.


LANGUAGE LEARNING Through English and Greek classes delivered by qualified teachers. Both programs are approved by the Greek Ministry of Education.

YOUTH WELL-BEING Through our Scouts program that takes children out of the camp and into local community.

INTEGRATION of refugees into local life through our community-building activities.


Teachdeme is a Consulting Company that bridges the education world. We recommend the job opportunities to the candidates and connect them with the schools that needs the talent.

For Talents

Providing a link to countless possibilities of a new window to be opened with strategies between the education industry and recruiters for dream jobs to be reached with simplicity

For Schools:

Providing a vast ocean of possibilities toward supplying the global education sectors across the global channel for the sake of securing future generations

ABIE Hangzhou Centre

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Great English International Education

We are a small school with big dreams. Operating since 2015, we have 2 locations in Beijing with over 500 students. Great English is an English training center that strives to do more than just "teach English". Our mission statement is "Let's experience the world" and our goal is to do that with our students using the English language. YouTube Channel: ESL Adventures

APAX English

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