Jeda Education Co., Ltd

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Phoenix Group Asia

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King‘s English

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Smile English School

Smile English School specializes in education programs for different age groups: from early ages and nursery to adults. Teachers conduct classes at our education centers or on the customers' site – at home or office.

Huieryang Academy

Huieryang Academy — The Intermediary Expert of Foreign Talents Recruitment & Management at your service.

Our aim is to provide job seekers from different countries engaged in the education industry in China with one-stop service, including job recommendation, work visa processing, free pick-up, housing rental, insurance purchase, legal training, Chinese training, and 24-hour life service.

teach.fm Russia

teach.fm Russia is an agency that connects you with the best vacancies at English schools, international schools and private tutoring jobs available in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. These two international class cities provide a variety of available positions matching both teaching talents who are making first steps in their career and experienced candidates, looking for a new challenge. We take care of your application, visa process, and relocation to Russia.

Weiming Education Group

In the educational field in China, Weiming is a relatively young Group with a history of 17 years. It is the largest private educational group in China, whose educational institutions ranging from kindergarten to high school with about 33,000 students and faculties. Currently, our business has covered some of the top 20 cities in China; those cities have the population of over 10 million, including Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Suzhou, and Guiyang, etc. We are planning to open up new kindergartens and schools, and expanding our business in 15 out of the top 20 cities in China. International High School Program

Weiming’s International curriculum is grounded in US Common Core standards with a focus on the development of English Proficiency for Grade 7 to Grade 11. All Weiming students obtain credits equivalent to US grade level which easily transfers for enrollment in grade level equivalent in the US.

Axiom Learning

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Maple Leaf Educational Systems

Maple Leaf Education Systems is China’s largest private educational provider. MLES operates over 100 independent schools, especially high schools, in China and in Canada, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. Many of our high schools use the British Columbia curriculum in our schools and students write the B.C. provincial examinations. Most school districts in B.C. recognize the international MLES teaching experience in a B.C. Certified Independent School on the salary grid when you return to teach in in your home country.  

 Living conditions are quite good with a lower cost of living. Most schools are located in or immediately adjacent to large cities where almost everything is available.  Furnished apartments are ready for rent at reasonable prices.

 Most vacancies are for secondary teachers in subjects like English 10- 12 , Communications, Science 10, Biology 11-12, Chemistry 11-12, Physics 11-12, P.E. ,  Math 10-12, Calculus, A.P. Math and Sciences, Social Studies, Information Technology etc.  We also hire some teachers to teach ESL.  ESL teachers do not have to be certified but do need at least a B.A. or equivalent degree.