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GCR- Global Consulting and Recruitment

GCR - Global Consultation and Recruitment is an American owned company located in Haikou, Hainan. We provide consultation to schools and educational institutions, offer management services, foreign employee teacher training as well as cultural training for both schools and teachers. GCR does not only place foreign teachers in schools but provides ongoing assistance to both schools and foreign teachers. We have a good relationship with many schools on the island and elsewhere and we've got your back as well.

Hainan has kilometer upon kilometer of coastline, tropical rainforest, mangroves, wetland parks, volcanoes, caves, and world famous resorts. It is a wonderful place to live and work. What are you waiting for?

Newhattan Early Education Center

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Beijing Sailinns International Cultural Exchange Co. LTD.

SAILINNS is a professional human resources service that insists on providing a quality and meticulous service through our team of highly qualified individuals. The company’s ethos is defined through our ability to generate and execute our goals on any given day. SAILINNS is headquartered in Beijing, China and is currently establishing its international presence in New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Auckland.

SAILINNS has played a vital role in the education industry over the last two years. We have a deep understanding of the industry and are constantly looking at new ways to innovate and improve our approach. Much of our services are geared towards the education industry. We firmly believe that education is one of the most valuable and important tools to a person’s ability to fulfill their potential. Each member of our team is highly qualified and brings a wealth of experience to their department.

OK Recruiting

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