Henan University of Technology

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Jilin Ian Culture&Technology Co,.Ltd

Jilin Ian is an agency that has more than 8 year history of recruiting foreign teachers. Have already succeeded in finding jobs for nearly 500 foreign teachers.


Vinston English is an ESL training company operating out of Changsha, Kunming and Xingsha, China. Currently, the company directly runs a total of nine English language training centers, with eight in our home city of Changsha and a brand new center in the beautiful center of Yunnan province, Kunming city. Boasting the latest in educational technology and spacious classroom layouts, Vinston schools provide language students with the very best educational facilities, along with a professional yet fun learning environment. Our students leave their stresses of city-life at the door and enter a classroom which creates efficient and enjoyable learning experiences.

Panda English

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teach.fm Vietnam

teach.fm Vietnam is an agency that connects you with the best vacancies at English schools, international schools and private tutoring jobs available in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. These two international class cities provide a variety of available positions matching both teaching talents who are making first steps in their career and experienced candidates, looking for a new challenge. We take care of your application, visa process, and relocation to Vietnam.

Jiangnan University

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Telescope Education Center

Telescope Education Center offered the high-quality, effective language program to the elementary and secondary students as well as adult learners in a small group setting from one on one up to one on six settings. The teachers will receive a competitive compensation and the different teacher's training programs throughout the semester. If you love teaching and are keen to learn different teaching skills, here is the school for you to pursue your personal development and self-growth.