Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua Primary School

Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua Primary School’s (GTYPS) Bilingual Division is seeking qualified and experienced native-English speakers for primary grade teaching positions. GTYPS is an award-winning, reputable, and high-performing school in the beautiful area of Hangzhou, China, near XiXi Wetlands.


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Beijing TIC

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Aston Educational Group

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Henan Ferryman Enterprise Management Consulting Co. , Ltd

Henan Ferryman Enterprise Management Consulting Co. , Ltd is now a large-scaled company specializing in TEFL & TESL teacher recruitment & employment with a group of talented professionals,consultants and translators in China. We are working with over 800 schools.

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Education First Suzhou

Regarded as paradise on earth by the Chinese people, Suzhou offers an ideal destination for anyone seeking to work in China. Suzhou is a clean and bustling city from low rooftops in the World Heritage old town area with its famous gardens and canals, to the modern bustling and very western friendly new city areas. Whether you want to relax by one of the lakes, mix with the locals, or live it up in western restaurants and nightclubs, you can do it all in Suzhou. It's a great place to work. Now EF Suzhou has five schools which are located in SIP West, SIP East, SND and Wujiang District, and the sixth school will open in 2019.We are currently accepting applications for kids' teachers as we expand our fourth school in Wujiang District, and open more thereafter: teachers who are committed to their individual student's development and working with their parents to improve their learning experience.
EF Suzhou's Core values include a passion for teaching, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a desire to learn. We have developed a collaborative foreign-management style and have worked hard to ensure the cross-cultural teams work well together in a happy and supportive environment. Peer observations and workshops are encouraged across departments with the objective to help us all be the best that we can.
Teachers looking to work for academic excellence are most welcome and will enjoy the experience. There are real career opportunities for those wishing to stay and grow with the company into management positions, and drive it to be the best private language school in Suzhou, with possible bursaries for qualifications such as the Cambridge CELTA and a mini MBA.
Our schools are modern, well equipped and progressive with IWBs in each room and school-wide WiFi. Classes are based on EFs own syllabus and text books, and lesson plans and materials are provided.
We teach small classes of students, mainly children as young as 3 years old to teenagers. This breadth and variety of students give our teachers a great opportunity to develop into well rounded, experienced professionals.
In addition, we offer a continuous teacher development program of training, observations, and workshops. We greatly value our more experienced members of staff and encourage them to become involved in this.
There’s always someone on hand to offer some teaching advice and support, or to go and grab a bite to eat with; and there are many foreigners living and working in Suzhou and we are well catered for by famous brand restaurants, supermarkets, and shopping malls.
There are a fantastic support system and network of both foreign and Chinese staff, meaning that our team is fully provided for in terms of both professional development and social opportunities. Teachers are never short of help and support at work, or of company and a full social life outside of work.