Zhe Jiang Wen He Education Group

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Smiles English

While we don't have the reputation of the large schools, we work hard to avoid making their mistakes. We are a small, family owned training centre with a commitment to doing the best we can. We like to teach with creativity and humour. We have a strong staff team and enjoy great relationships with our students and parents.


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GZL Elite Education

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Utop Education

Utop Education owns a leading brand 'Classtalk' in online English teaching. Our purpose is to provides services that allows students talk to the world in the classroom.

Let's work together

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ItutorGroup China

iTutorGroup is the premier online education platform, and the largest English language learning institution in the world. iTutorGroup is the global leader in online education and human-to-human interactions worldwide, revolutionizing the entire education model from standardization to personalization. Through our online platforms, students have access to the best teaching consultants worldwide, 24-7, anytime, anywhere, from any device. We believe that the most effective way to learn is through personalized learning. To achieve this, we leverage big data analytics and use our advanced matching algorithm to seamlessly place our clients into the individualized learning experience that’s right for them.

Hangzhou Haicheng Education

Located in Hangzhou, we focus on providing high quality and well paid opportunities for qualified foreign teachers. We have a great variety in school types, from kindergarten to college, from public school to language training center, international schools and bilingual schools in order to suit all needs. Our partner schools are mainly located within Zhejiang and Jiangsu, with the most beautiful cities of China, which are well-known as "Heaven on Earth".

We have excellent expertise in recruiting foreign teachers and giving superior support. We provide 24/7 support for both general life and work along with many more services. Please ask us to learn more about how we help support your journey.

We aim to give you an experience you will never forget working and living in China!

Welcome to Haicheng Education.

Kid Castle Educational Corporation

Kid Castle Educational Corporation began with a single school in Taiwan back in 1986. Since then we established our headquarters in Taipei and have steadily expanded throughout Taiwan. More recently we’ve set up headquarters in Shanghai, to spearhead our expansion all over China.