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Clifford Elementary Bilingual School

Clifford School, located 30 minutes south of Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China, is a private, K-12 School with approximately 4600 students. The school has a Chinese faculty of 300 teachers and a Western faculty of 150 teachers. It is an Internationally-accredited school. Clifford School is very unique, and has been built creatively, taking advantage of both the Chinese and Western learning methodologies. There are two distinct programs offered at the school. One is a Chinese and English Bilingual Program and the other the Manitoba and International Program.

The Bilingual program has approximately 3900 students and over 90 Western teachers. Students complete the normal Chinese National Curriculum as well as the school's unique English Language program. To teach in the Bilingual Program, teachers need a Degree and teaching certification. The Bilingual program is a K-12 Program.


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International Camps Network

We deal with, and promote volunteer work for educational-recreational programs with a focus on outdoor education for children and teens. These services are offered by certified Outdoor Education Centres, Summer camps and other organizations from:

- Canada

- Germany 

- Ireland

- England

- Spain

- Austria

- México

     Our company focuses on the development and implementation of a variety of educational-recreational programs, based on experiential learning, and structured under a camp format. Team Building, Self Awareness, Contact with Nature are the basics of what we do. Then we imprint a lot of fun and creativity, so we all get to love what we do. And that is camp: Learning about stuff and about life, in a great way. 

     In addition, we constantly create and develop solid relations with only the very best educational-recreational programs; with a clear objective of promoting camp activities and the inherited benefits derived from them: development on personal and social skills, respect for one self, the rest and the environment.  We are a network of camp-like minded people, putting an effort on promoting experiential learning internationally.


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KELLY Education Centre

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