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International Camps Network

We deal with, and promote volunteer work for educational-recreational programs with a focus on outdoor education for children and teens. These services are offered by certified Outdoor Education Centres, Summer camps and other organizations from:

- Canada

- Germany 

- Ireland

- England

- Spain

- Austria

- México

     Our company focuses on the development and implementation of a variety of educational-recreational programs, based on experiential learning, and structured under a camp format. Team Building, Self Awareness, Contact with Nature are the basics of what we do. Then we imprint a lot of fun and creativity, so we all get to love what we do. And that is camp: Learning about stuff and about life, in a great way. 

     In addition, we constantly create and develop solid relations with only the very best educational-recreational programs; with a clear objective of promoting camp activities and the inherited benefits derived from them: development on personal and social skills, respect for one self, the rest and the environment.  We are a network of camp-like minded people, putting an effort on promoting experiential learning internationally.


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Landi English

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