Int’ schools in Shanghai,Hainan,Dalian,Xian etc.

Int’ schools in Shanghai,Hainan,Dalian,Xian etc.

21,800–30,000 USD
Beijing, Beijing Shi, China
July 13, 2018


DegreeBachelor's Degree
NativeNon-native English speakers can apply


InsuranceMedical insurance
FlightRound trip
VisaWorking visa


Required Degrees: BA degree or above
*Fields of Expertise: * ESL/EFL , Elementary ,
*Details: * School Name Top International Schools
School Type The largest International schools system with over 75 preschool,elementary, middle
school in
Tianjing,Shanghai, Dalian, Wuhan, Huzhou,Yiwu,Ordos, Chongqing, Haikou,Luoyang etc
Preferable start date August 16, 2018
Working hours / week Preschool:
Office hour: 8-9 hours/day including lunch break
1. Homeroom ESL teacher : 15 hours/week +homeroom responsiblity (60mins/hour)
2. ESL teacher: 20 hours/week (60mins/hour)
Elementary School & Middle School: 25 teaching blocks/week (40 mins-50mins/block) Office hour:
9 hours/day including lunch break
Student age
Preschool (age 3 to 5)
Kindergarten (age 4to 6)
Grade 1 to 6 (age 7 to 13)
Grade 7 to 9 (age 13 to 15)
Annual Salary
a) 21,800USD to 30,000USD per year (before tax), depending on previous full time teaching
experiences (Every 2 years teaching experience results in one salary step increase)
b) The teacher can choose the potion of depositing the money in the Chinese bank account with
RMB or international bank account which can accept USD
c) The annual salary will be paid evenly into 12 months.
Overtime Allowance If the ESL Teacher takes on more than 25teaching instructional periods per
week, he/she will be paid an hourly rate based on annual salary, calculated as teacher’s annual
salary/200 teaching days per year/5 teaching hours per day. The minimum rate for an overtime
block will be $18USD for a 40 or 50 minute block in the elementary/middle schools.
Vacation with Pay Yes
Accommodation Free rent one bedroom furnished apartment is provided by the schoolnormally
on campus. Some locations provide off campus school rent or school owned apartment. Teachers
who requires two bedroom or larger apartment should pay rent difference.
Health Insurance MSH medical Insurance (Business plus level) for Teacher, Spouse and
Children who live in China full time with the teacher
Flight Allowance 1500USD reimbursement for a round-trip flight reimbursement for Teacher,
Spouse and Children who live in China full time with the teacher
Other Benefits *300RMB settlement allowance for the first year new teacher
*50% Plus Children Tuition Deduction, top amount tuition is 2000 USD a year for each child.
*Sponsored Legal Z Work Visa
*Professional Development Workshop
*Stock Share Incentive Plan
*Shipping allowance for the teacher who fulfills 2 year contract
*Immunization allowance for Teacher, Spouse and Children
*5000RMB Re-signing Bonus for teachers who complete 2 year contract and sign another 2 year
*Visa requirement document authentication fee reimbursement
*transfer opportunity
Working Visa Assistance The school will assist teachers with Chinese work visa process.
Gender Male/Female
Age 25 to 58
Accept Non-English native Yes
Educational Background BA degree or above, 120 hour TEFL or TESOL certificate
Teaching Experience At least 2 years full-time teaching experiences
Tefl / Tesol Required 120 hour TEFL or TESOL certificate
Additional Requirement  Recommendation letters relative to previous teaching
 Others: The below documents must be authenticated by Chinese Embassy in the teacher’s
home country, including:
a) Non-Criminal Record Check within 6 months from home country
b) Highest Degree Certificate
c) Kinship documents if with Spouse and Children (marriage certificate, birth certificate)