Ho Chi Minh City & Hanoi Public Schools in Vietnam - Up to 540K per hour gross plus travel and other supplements (Up to 400K per day).

Ho Chi Minh City & Hanoi Public Schools in Vietnam - Up to 540K per hour gross plus travel and other supplements (Up to 400K per day).

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Aug. 7, 2018


DegreeMaster's Degree
CertificatesTESOL, CELTA
NativeOnly for native English speakers




Teaching at a Vietnamese public school is a unique opportunity that allows you to experience life at a local school and meet students from a wide variety of backgrounds.

ILA's public school classes place an emphasis on speaking and using English in everyday situations.

These classes differ from classes at ILA centers as they are larger (between 25-40+ students), lack technological resources and often do not have air conditioning. Many ILA teachers have very meaningful experiences teaching at public schools as the students are very excited and motivated to learn English from a native speaking teacher.

All public school classes are provided with a course outline and textbook. In addition, a Vietnamese teacher or teaching assistant is in attendance at the vast majority of ILA public school classes.

Furthermore, ILA public school teachers are given workshops and other training opportunities. There is also a dedicated academic management team that gives teachers individual support and co-planning assistance.

ILA public school teachers will work 4-5 days a week from Monday-Friday. Unlike ILA center teachers, public school teachers are not required to work on weekends. They will teach between 3.5-4 hours a day. Teachers will work morning shifts (~7:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.) and afternoon shifts (1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.). Public school teachers usually work at 3-5 different public schools every week, but classes are arranged so they do not have change schools between classes.

-Paid induction training base on start date

-Full and part time positions available

-August and September start dates

*rate dependent on experience and qualification. (minimum

hourly rate 470k gross + supplements up to 400k per day)

For applications to be considered, teachers will need the following:

A university degree - this must be a bachelor’s degree 3 years or higher

To be a native English speaker or demonstrate native level mastery of English.

A Qualification in English Language Teaching (CELTA, Trinity TESOL or equivalent): The certification must be from a recognised provider, a minimum of a 120 hours course with at least 40 of these hours completed in class, and have an observed teaching component of over 4 hours with real students, and course tutor feedback. All programmes must be externally assessed by an accredited organisation to be considered as valid.

A clean criminal background check

Apply by sending your CV and documents to [URL protected]