Luoyang University,China: Early Learning Teacher Training, Accounting Lecturers Sino-Irish program

Luoyang University,China: Early Learning Teacher Training, Accounting Lecturers Sino-Irish program

1,893–2,900 USD
Luoyang, Henan Sheng, China
Aug. 10, 2018


DegreeMaster's Degree
CertificatesNo certificate
NativeNon-native English speakers can apply


VisaWorking visa


International Education Program teachers wanted

We are currently looking for lecturers in Early Learning Teacher Training / Accounting at Luoyang Normal University’s (LYNU) new campus.

Luoyang City, Henan province, China (Home of UNESCO Heritage sites: Longmen Buddhist Grottoes and White Horse Temple. Close to Shaolin Temple, origin of Chinese Kungfu)

Up to 18 hours per week classroom teaching
9-month contract until end of May (although we welcome longer term teachers)
15,000 – 23,000* RMB (€1893 - €2900) per month, plus on-campus accommodation (new, modern building), plus flights reimbursed on completion of contract.
Chinese New Year (winter) holiday: paid
Summer holiday: unpaid
* undergraduate (15000 – 18,000 RMB) Master’s (20,000 – 23,000)

Working with university academic departments to develop a syllabus.
Developing lesson plans and adapting to students’ English ability.
Diligent, punctual and with the student’s best interest at heart.
Due to new government regulations, all candidates must be degree holders and have a notarized degree certificate and non-criminal record.
A degree in related major is strongly preferred; a Master’s degree is preferred.
Work permit and health insurance are provided in accordance with all provincial regulations.
Not more than 60 years old at time of application.

Candidates must be from a country where English is officially recognized first language

Lecturers will be expected to teach 2 (or max 3) subjects in their field from the following:

Accounting: Financial Accounting / Cost Accounting / Financial Management / Marketing / Business and Company Law / Management / Business Accounting)

Early Learning Teacher Training: Creative studies for ECE and C / Childcare and Development / Play-work and out of School E&C / Advanced Theory Research and Practice / Communication and Research Skills / Work with Families and Communities / Special and Additional Needs / Managing Contemporary and Quality Practice

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