Foreign Teacher In HCMC, Vietnam

Foreign Teacher In HCMC, Vietnam

March 28, 2018


DegreeMaster's Degree
CertificatesNo certificate
NativeNon-native English speakers can apply




*Details: *We’re looking for PreK-K, Kindergarten/ English/Elementary/Library/German/French/IB Teacher
and IB PYP/MYP cum Academic Vice Principal
Teachers’ primary responsibility is towards the students whose best interests they work for and
promote. They must do everything they can to ensure every student fulfils their potential. In
addition, by being a member of the WASS, they commit themselves to promoting the values and
philosophy of the school as well as the IB. Just as the school has a responsibility
for them, so they have a responsibility to work in the school’s best interests, to promote its good
name, support its members and act in a collegiate manner. Lastly, teachers have a responsibility to
strive to achieve the highest professional standards in all they do at and for the school.
• Respects and practises the content of the school mission statement and its ‘core values’
• Instils in students a love of learning, and the value of learning for its own sake
Preparation and planning
• Thoroughly plans, in content and structure, each lesson, making full use of a variety of resources,
and in line with the curriculum documents
• Plans to ensure that there is continuity of learning and natural transition from one lesson to the
• Ensures all resources for a lesson are ready for use at its start
• Sets homework to reinforce, as well as extend, knowledge and understanding of the material
covered in the lesson in which it is set
• Prepares material to address the needs and standards of specific individuals or groups of
individuals within the class, as well as the class as a whole
• Reflects commitment to the development of transdisciplinary skills
Teaching and learning
• Places appropriate emphasis on independent and evidence-based learning
• Ensures the content and method/s of a lesson’s delivery are ‘engaging, relevant, challenging and
• Deploys a variety of resources, including IT, and methods of delivery in a lesson
• Ensures that student participation and dialogue form an integral part of the learning process
• Ensures the needs of all levels of ability are met, including those who are second language
learners or have learning difficulties
• Ensures instructions to students are clear, specific and well delivered
• Involves, and respects the views of, all students
• Ensures their own subject knowledge is clear and thorough
• Ensures there is an appropriate pace to the lesson
Classroom management
• Adopts appropriate professional relations with students
• Expects high standards of behaviour e.g. punctuality to lessons, and consistently enforce them
• Generates a studious, productive and purposeful working atmosphere
• Praises students for their endeavour and achievement
• Ensures personal and school property is respected
• Follows the school and/or faculty marking policy
• Keeps a full and accurate record of each student’s performance
• Sets written work on a regular basis, and returns it as soon as possible
• Informs relevant staff of students whose performance is of particular concern
• Ensures their writing of reports and entering of grades conform to school policy
Professional development
• Establishes, with the help of school management, an individual strategy for professional
development, for the benefit of the teacher and faculty/school
• Collaborates with colleagues on departmental/faculty, as well as whole- school, course and
curriculum development
Other responsibilities
• Attends school meetings, as required, and contributes constructively to them
• Meets all deadlines set by school management
• Participates in the wider life of the school
• Contributes to the maintenance of high staff morale, and to team building