Academic Coordinator Position (Gyopo only) in Jeonju, Korea

Academic Coordinator Position (Gyopo only) in Jeonju, Korea

30–7 USD
Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea
Sept. 5, 2018


DegreeMaster's Degree
CertificatesNo certificate
NativeOnly for native English speakers


InsuranceMedical insurance
FlightOne-way ticket


Korea Poly School, also known as POLY, is a highly reputable franchise English academy with over 40 different campuses.

We are looking to fill the Academic Coordinator position (Gyopo only). The AC will work to assist campus directors in a variety of ways. Some of the job duties include working with both the English speaking and non-English speaking staff, conveying important information to teachers, and acting as the main source of communication to the academy.

*Native English speaker (Must be a Gyopo)
*Valid passport from USA or Canada
*Minimum bachelor degree from an accredited university from one of the countries above
*Clean criminal record from your country

Job Overview:
-Starting Date: early December 2018
-Location: Jeonju, Jeollabukdo, South Korea
-Job Term: Full-Time
-Duration: 12 months
-Monthly Salary: 2.9 million KRW
-Working Hours: 9:30AM-7:05PM( including prep time)

Benefits and Compensation:
-Severance bonus: One month severance paid at the end of the contract
-Airfare: One-way flight to Korea reimbursed upon arrival; one-way ticket back given upon completion of contract
-Housing: Non-shared, furnished housing is provided
-Vacation: Poly vacation days/ national holidays
Medical Coverage: Poly will pay 50% and the teacher pays the remaining 50%
-Fixed scheduled teaching blocks
-No internet/telephone lessons
-No weekend classes (Exception: Twice a year, all teachers will have to attend a mandatory POLY workshop on a Saturday.)
-Pension: Poly pays 50% and teacher pays 50%

Required Documents
*Resume (including a photo)
*Original diploma (with an apostille (U.S.) or stamp from a Korean Embassy (Candada)
*Passport (valid up to 6 months)
*Criminal Record Check (with an apostille (U.S.) or stamp from a Korean Embassy (Canada)
*Applicants must also submit a medical check/blood test upon arrival in Korea

If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your resume and a recent photo to [URL protected]