Training school teachers are wanted in Rizhao

Training school teachers are wanted in Rizhao

March 28, 2018


DegreeMaster's Degree
NativeOnly for native English speakers




*Details: *Requirements:
• Bachelor’s degree or higher.
• Native English Speaker.
• Tefl/Tesol/Celta certificate preferred but not required.
• Two years work experience.
• One year commitment or two years.
Details about our School:
Best English is the oldest and largest private English training school in Rizhao. We
have over 14 locations throughout the city. We are a reliable and reputable business. The
school is separated by three distinct branches: the kindergarten department, the Chinese
department, and the Foreign department. All schools focus on listening, reading, writing
and speaking but the Foreign department’s curriculum stresses listening and speaking.
We are currently hiring two teachers, one for the Chinese division and one for the
Foreign division.
Job Description:
• Teach classes to students aged between 5-15 years old. Classes are small, 12
students max for Foreign divison,22 students max for Chinese division.
• We are an after school training school so your main working days will be during the
• You will have a Chinese Assistant in each one of your classes to facilitate you.
• Once a week, 2-3 hour, mandatory meetings with your Chinese Assistants to
prepare for next week’s lessons. These are usually held on Wednesday.
• Maximum teaching hours each week is 20 hours, 80 hours per month.anything after
80 hours per month will be overtime at a rate of 100rmb/hr. Conversely, if you teach less
than 20 hours that week, you will still be paid for working 20 hours. An hour of teaching is
typically 50-55 minutes.
• All curriculum and materials are provided.
• No office hours.
• School will provide a modern, 2 bedroom, furnished apartment (no roommate).
Housing will include all basic western amenities: wifi, stove, refrigerator, washing
machine, western toilet and a hot water system in the shower area. School provides a
monthly stipend of 200.00 for your electricity and water.
• Start up assistance in adjusting to life in China. We will help you to open a bank
account. We will also help you to acquire a Chinese phone number/sim card. If you need
any other assistance we will be more than happy to help.
• Airport pick up.
• Fully sponsored visa.
• Contract completion bonus.
• Twice bonus a year: Mid-autumn Day and Spring Festival
• Two paid holidays:Summer holiday time and Winter holiday time, each time around
12 days.
Information about the city:
Rizhao is located on the seaside, on the east coast of China, in Shandong Province.
The city is known for its beaches and fresh seafood. It is a major tourist destination
during the summer months. The United Nations awarded the city an Habitat award for its
urban planning which stressed sustainability and the environment.
Rizhao has an excellent public transportation system, recently putting in public bikes
for its citizens. At their main station you can catch a train to all major cities. They also
have direct buses traveling to the cities of Qingdao (2 hours) and Shanghai (8 hours)
going daily.Rizhao has an airport too.
There is reasonably priced excellent local food but if you want a taste of home there
are plenty of western style restaurants, and throughout the city there are numerous
KFC’s. Rizhao is a budding metropolitan city with brand new shops and centers opening
every week. Recently a brand new shopping mall opened in the city center with many
western chains: Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Burger King, McDonald’s, H&M, Nike, Adidas,
Uggs, Boy London, Swarovski, etc.
If you are interested in this position please email the following:
• Resume/C.V.
• Passport page
• University degree
• Other documents
Contacts: Molly – Supervisor