Changtu City, Liaoning Province. Prepaid Flight/Save $10000 a year. Free internet access all year around. Managed by Irishman. Job listing, including contact information: Would you like to save $10,000 a year?

Changtu City, Liaoning Province. Prepaid Flight/Save $10000 a year. Free internet access all year around. Managed by Irishman. Job listing, including contact information: Would you like to save $10,000 a year?

10,000 USD
Guatemala City, Changtu and Taobao
Sept. 11, 2018


DegreeBachelor's Degree
NativeOnly for native English speakers


FlightRound trip
VisaWorking visa


Would you like to save $10,000 a year ?

Do you want a free flight to China?

Teachers needed in Changtu City, Liaoning Province, China

Do you want free internet with an unlimited data allowance along with wifi?

What would you think of the prospect of being one of the few foreigners in a small city in China?

Are you committed to learning Chinese despite the challenges involved?

Are you willing to meet and get to know people who may be very different to you?

Would you like to live in a city with little to no pollution?

Can you sacrifice a small bit of individualism and try to appreciate how a relationship oriented society works?

Are you really committed to helping people improve their English?

Are you willing to learn how to teach?

Are you caring enough to look after slow learners?

Would you prefer to work for someone who understands your needs?

Do you want to live in a very safe city with little to no crime?

Do you think youφd enjoy the peace and tranquility of living in a small city?

Are you a native English Speaker with a degree?

How about teaching private classes with the consent of the school?

If you have answered yes to most of these questions or are not sure please read on.

We have a job opening for an EFL teacher in a small private school in Changtu City, Liaoning, China. This city has a population of roughly 200,000 people and the students' age in the school range from 4 to 12. We teach Oxford English Let's Go and we use the communicative language approach to teaching which is basically centered around engagement through activities , games and practice exercises.

Changtu has a very low cost of living and many things can be bought online on Taobao for very cheap. Most people can live on 2,000 RMB per month. The school is run by an Irishman and Chinese woman whom are married and have been operating the school for nearly 5 years.

The owners have learned a lot about the complexities involved of living in a small city such as opening a bank account, doing your first few daysφ shopping, finding your way around, paying bills, getting train tickets, purchasing a sim card and mobile phone , along with other various issues. We will help with all those issues and as you begin to pick up the language , you will be able to become more independent.

The school is fully licensed by SAFEA and we can help with all visa issues. If you have family members who would like to reside with you during your stay, we can provide for this by helping with the visa process and by also making available an apartment large enough for your family. The local cuisine is good but western food is also sold in a few restaurants in the city. The visa process explained:

The school will apply for the work permit and visa notification letter which will be sent to the teacher in their home country. On entering China, the school will apply for a unified work permit and finally a one year work type residence permit.

Free Fully Furnished Apartment (Can also provide a bigger apartment for family members) (TV, Sofa, bed(s), cooker, microwave, kettle, table, tableware and pots and pans all provided.
A monthly salary of 10,000-12000 RMB
1,000 RMB annual medical allowance which will be provided in cash within the first month of work.
Free internet for the year(This includes set up and monthly internet fees)
Free one way airfare to China(This will be booked and paid for by owners)
Free heating (This usually costs 5,000 RMB)
Opportunities to teach private classes to earn extra income.
A total 7-8 weeks of paid vacation(Feb and August)
2 full days off per week
Free course to learn Chinese
Residence permit and health test fees paid for my school.
Full help with visa process and any difficulties during the work year in China.
Paid 2-3 weeks of training

Native English Speaker (Ireland, South Africa, U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand)

Updated Curriculum Vitae

3 or 4 year Bachelor Degree (Authenticated by Dept. Of Foreign Affairs and Chinese Embassy)

No criminal record (Authenticated by Dept. Of Foreign Affairs and Chinese Embassy).

TEFL or TESOL cert (No need for any authentication).

Health Test (This is done in China within first week of arrival) There is no need for a health test in home country.

Experience is an advantage but not necessary

Wants to come to China to work and experience something different

Is self-motivated and is willing to take initiative

Up to 30 hours of work per week.

Must be willing to learn the Chinese language (Does not need to be an expert)

We are looking to hire a teacher who can start anytime between December and March 2019.

For further details please contact Pat at [URL protected][URL protected][URL protected][URL protected]