Looking for an HONEST job offer without lies and false promises? Talk to me. The friendly foreign manager at BL Taiyuan.

Looking for an HONEST job offer without lies and false promises? Talk to me. The friendly foreign manager at BL Taiyuan.

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Sept. 12, 2018


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Hi all,

I’m hoping you are viewing this because you believe a lot of the offers and the people you’ve been in contact with do not seem so genuine. Or, you feel you might not be able to trust some of these offers completely when moving across the world to teach in China.

I say that because the many of the teachers we have employed in the past have told me their main reason for coming is because they believed in what we had told them about the job, appreciated my absolute honesty about every aspect of working and living in China, and for whatever reason, they felt uneasy when discussing jobs with other employers or agents!

This is despite receiving more lucrative offers from others out there, in much “better” cities. After all, what good is a lucrative offer if it turns out to be a load of lies once you arrive in China?

Before you get bored of reading I’ll lay out the basics of the job role.

I will explain everything in much, much more detail once you get in touch with me about the possibility of working here.

English teacher in a private training school.
Teaching students aged 3-12 years old.
2 days off per week.
Furnished accommodation provided by the school. School pays the rent and you pay electricity, water, heating, WIFI and management fees.
10,000RMB per month.

Working hours

Wednesday 16:00 - 20:30
Thursday 16:00 - 20:30
Friday 16:00 - 20:30
Saturday 08:30-12:20 then 14:00-18:30
Sunday 08:30-12:20 then 14:00-18:30

I have been working in this school for over 5 years now. We have 5 teachers that have been here for 3 years or more. What I’m trying to imply by that is that people believe it’s a fairly good place to work! We have a total of 10 teachers at the moment and will bring in 2 or 3 new teachers in the near future as our new campus has just opened.

A quick note about the city. This is Taiyuan City. The capital city of Shanxi province. This is not a Shanghai or Beijing. So please consider that when looking at the salaries that some of these cities offer. Some people turn jobs down in cities like this because they have offers of 15-20K in Shanghai. Be prepared for 7-10K of that to vanish right away on accommodation. Plus transportation costs and other general costs of living.

Taiyuan city has a great, friendly community of foreigners and MANY people who change city end up coming back here again. Mainly because of the friends they meet here.

Some of the prices you can look forward to in Taiyuan.

Taxi meter starts at 8CNY
The bus is 1CNY to anywhere in the city.
You can eat "expensive" if you wish. But a standard cheap Chinese meal will be 10-15cny.
A bottle of water in the convenience store 1cny.

Basically, it's really cheap and you can't spend your money! :)

No job in China is a perfect job. There are plenty things that will annoy you and that you might not fully understand when first coming here. But I will explain everyone one of those things to you when we speak in more detail.

My preferred method of communication is “WeChat”. Which is pretty much the Chinese version of “Whatsapp”. It will almost become a necessity to have once you are in China and everyone uses it to communicate. Download it and add me to your contacts. My WeChat number is 1516549402.

If you would rather just communicate by email, that’s fine too.

[URL protected]

I don’t need a huge write up and cover letter. I believe personality is the most important thing when teaching kids a language. Let me know why you want to come to China, how long you think you can see yourself staying here for. When you think you would be willing to come here. If you have an introduction video, that would be amazing, but if not, never mind. Lets see if you are serious about coming out here first!