Native English Speaking Teachers Needed in Gapyeong eup, Gapyeong gun, Gyeonggi do, Korea

Native English Speaking Teachers Needed in Gapyeong eup, Gapyeong gun, Gyeonggi do, Korea

Yongsan-gu, Gapyeong and Seoul
Sept. 13, 2018


DegreeMaster's Degree
CertificatesNo certificate
NativeOnly for native English speakers




Recruitment number: 1

Application period: September 11, 2018 ~ October 10, 2018

Requirement: Citizen from English speaking countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, BA/BS degree

How to apply: To submit Resume & Personal essay by e-mail

Desired skills: People that enjoy sports and outdoor activities with kids,
Ability and desire to do overtime activities(Game night, club, sports)

Contacts for Questions about SEEC:
- SEEC Supervisor: Daniel Kim [URL protected])
- SEEC Coordinator: Na, Yoonhyung [URL protected])SEEC NSET(Head Teacher), Freddie, [URL protected]
- 031-581-9771
- Homepage : <[URL protected]>

Procedures: After document examination & interview, individual notification

Job description: Teaching in an English Experience camp program for students from the Seoul district, using outstanding classroom facilities
(1-day programs/ 1-night & 2-day programs / 2- night & 3-day programs / 3-night & 4-day programs)

Contract period: ~ 24th August 2019
(after 6-month extension, Renewal contract is possible)

As a SEEC native speaking English teacher (NSET) you will be responsible for teaching students from all over Seoul in our beautiful and well maintained English experience camp. The students will mostly be elementary aged (grades 4-6) but from time to time you will teach middle school students. The English center has a total of 15 experience based classroom stations that are designed to provide real world situations for your learners. For example, you can teach students about ordering food in our restaurant classroom or bake some delicious snacks in our well stocked kitchen classroom. Other stations include the television studio, science lab, the library, the singing room, the store, etc. You will be responsible for writing your own lesson plans, creating any necessary materials and ordering materials through our ordering system. Classes generally run for 40 to 45 minutes depending on the schedule. This position would be best for someone that works well in a team setting but can also work with minimal supervision while providing consistently engaging lessons for our learners. SEEC will provide you with clean and well maintained living accommodations in our NSET dormitory that is conveniently located on our attractive campus. The center is about an 8 minute drive from the Gapyeong train station. An ITX train from Gapyeong to Yongsan station takes about an hour. An express bus from Gapyeong terminal to Jamsil takes about 45-50 minutes. You will work alongside Korean staff and 8 other native English teachers. Please feel free to contact us
- Written by Freddie, Native Speaking English Teacher of SEEC

Additional salary benefits (Compared with the teachers of schools in SMOE)

SEEC is an institution of SMOE.
The basic salary is similar to EPIK, including SMOE NSETs, but there is more than that:

Special allowance: 400,000won per month
- Long-distance-public-transportation bonus: 100,000won per month
-After renewal of contract-
- Renewal contract allowance: 2,000,000 won
- Long-service allowance: 300,000 won per month (effective in the second year contract, if applicable, after extension)-/B--/FONT--BR--BR--/td-