Native English Teachers (with experience and for fresh graduates) Needed in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Russian Federation

Native English Teachers (with experience and for fresh graduates) Needed in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Russian Federation

Up to 3 USD
London, England, United Kingdom
Sept. 14, 2018


DegreeMaster's Degree
NativeOnly for native English speakers


InsuranceMedical insurance
VisaWorking visa


Kaben School is located on the eastern edge of the world, The Sakalin Island, Russia’s largest island. In the months between Spring and Autumn, the island is beautifully green, while during the Winter months, the island turns completely white. The island is famous for winter sporting activities, attracting a lot of sport-tourism, and the summer months are filled with wild nature-related activities.
The school is set in the main city on the island, Yuzhno Sakhalinsk, with branches in three other towns on the island.
The school caters to a wide range of customers, from school going children to adults and for corporate customers as well.
For the next academic year, beginning October 2018, we are looking to hire native teachers for the following positions:
1. Teacher of English for children aged 3 – 10 (Reference Code: TE-3/10-KB-2018-09)
2. Teacher of English for Teens and Adults (Reference Code: TE-TN/AD- KB-2018-09)
Successful candidates will:
1. Be professionals with a recognized degree / diploma in pedagogy/linguistics/teaching.
2. Have 2 – 5 years of work experience as a teacher of English in a public or private school. (Fresh graduates may apply for our 1-year internship program)*
3. Have a desire to live and work in Russia (prior experience of working in Russia desirable but not essential).
4. Be prepared to stay on the job until 30 June 2019 or 31 July 2019.
5. Have a desire to grow and expand their teaching experience and be willing to travel locally, across the different centers on the Island, as per the needs of the different centers of the school.
Compensation & Benefits: (Compliant with The Labor rules of the Russian Federation)
1. A stable salary in Rubles – The school follows the principle of pay-by- hour + Taxes + Social Benefits. (Basic – cost-to-company)
2. Housing – Shared or Private accommodation (this depends on the availability of apartments)
3. Relocation allowance – 15000 Rubles (one time on arrival)
4. Work visa + local Registration / Legalization activities (performed by the school)
5. Medical Insurance
6. Additional allowances if/when travelling for work
7. Guaranteed minimum of 25 hours a week. Additional hours as per availability.
8. Travel tickets (to and fro) at the completion of the contract. (Kindly note that we give travel tickets from place of origin to work location and return only upon successful completion of contract)
9. Free Russian classes offered

Professional Conduct:
1. All applicants will be subject to mandatory reference checks or must submit letters of reference.
2. All employees are expected to strictly adhere to the professional code of conduct of the school.
3. All employees are required to abstain from private tutoring while employed with KABEN SCHOOL.
4. All employees are expected to follow the time-table agreed on. (in case of sick leave, standard school rules apply)
5. All employees are expected to respect and show sensitivity to local norms, culture and practices.
6. All employees will be offered a crash course on the do’s and don’ts.
7. Please Note: There is a fairly large expat community present on the Island because of the presence of Oil & Gas companies, like Exxon, etc.
Internship for fresh ESL graduates: This is a program designed to give fresh graduates a 12 month (duration negotiable based on need) internship opportunity to kick-start their careers or to further build on their professional development. This is ideally suited for people who are looking for experience across the whole spectrum of ELT, from kindergarten level children to learners of English for professional purposes. Also, older professionals, who have consciously made a decision to become ELT specialists and have recently completed either a CELTA or TRINITY or TESOL certificate program in order to venture into the ELT world, would benefit from our 12 month internship program.
Benefits of the KABEN SCHOOL Internship Program:
1. Opportunity to work across all school locations. One of the benefits from such an exposure is to gain experience from diverse demographics.
2. Opportunity to work in consultation with an experienced teacher covering all areas of ELT; from preparing lesson notes to classroom delivery to test preparation to scoring and skills analysis.
3. Opportunity to work from 25 to 35 hours a week.
4. Opportunity to be supervised and mentored by the Head of the Program and to function as an under-study with hands-on guidance and half-yearly assessment and feedback on performance.
5. A monthly Internship Stipend of 50000 Rubles + Taxes + Social Benefits + Medical Insurance + Return Tickets + Accommodation.
6. Opportunity to find gainful employment on completion of the 12-month internship program in one of our centers with a full labor contract.
7. Certificate of Internship Completion awarded at the successful completion of the internship period along with a letter of reference for future employment.

For more details, please send us your resume and we could set up an interview.

Contact Details:
Head of the Program
Kaben School
Pobeda 9, Door no 7, Yuzhno Sakhalinsk, Russian Federation 693 000
Email: [URL protected] ; [URL protected]