ECE, Kindergarten, English, Math, PE, Art, Chemistry Jobs in Shanghai

ECE, Kindergarten, English, Math, PE, Art, Chemistry Jobs in Shanghai

Hangzhou and Shanghai, China
Sept. 26, 2018


DegreeMaster's Degree
NativeNon-native English speakers can apply


InsuranceMedical insurance


Openings are all in China, mainly from Shanghai and Hangzhou, at various schools
including Kindergarten Teacher, DP/MYP Math/Physics/Economics Teacher, ES/MS
English Teacher, English Literature Teacher, English Writing Teacher, Social Studies
Teacher and Chemistry Teacher.

I: Kindergarten Teacher-immediate opening
A prestigious school in Hangzhou, China is looking for Kindergarten Teacher to teach
their Chinese and international pupils.

*Requirement: *
• Bachelor’s degree or above
• Recognized Teacher Qualification

1. To contribute to the establishment of a caring ethos which values all pupils
2. To teach assigned classes in a competent and stimulating manner, making use of an
appropriate range of teaching methods
3. To prepare lessons and courses, and make an appropriate contribution to curriculum
development and in doing so to lead the learning and teaching in their classes
4. Liaise with Head of Subject Department/Curriculum Coordinator in terms of teaching

Contract Term: Immediate opening, 3 years

Compensation and Benefits:
Salary: Minimum 22,000RMB monthly before tax
Bonus: Upon successful completion of the 3-Year Contract and providing sufficient
Medical Insurance: Will be provided with Health Insurance by an insurance company
contracted by the School.
Airline Passage Allowance: Be entitled to a maximum amount of RMB 12,000 per
School Year
Housing allowance: Is provided by school
School Fees: The School will waive tuition fees at the School for Eligible Dependent

II: DP/MYP Math, Physics & Chemistry, Economics, English, PE, History, Geography,
Arts & Design

One of the top local Chinese Secondary School’s International Division is looking for
DP/MYP Math, DP/MYP Physics & Chemistry, DP/MYP Eco-nomics, DP/MYP English to
teach their international students who are 12-18 years old.

• Native English-Country Speaker.
• Minimum Bachelor’s degree (or above), education major, or with teacher Certificate
or [URL protected]
Certificate for MYP History or MYP Geography.

1. Plan and teach lessons following the IB curricula that differentiate for individual
student needs and support students whose first language is not English.
2. Use a wide range of technologies and creative teaching styles.
3. Regularly contribute to curriculum planning and development including
interdisciplinary units of work and the development of trans-disciplinary skills.
4. Plan with colleagues to deliver effective team teaching when possible.
5.Develop assessment tasks following IB guidelines and use a wide range of formative
assessment tools.
6. Supervise IBMYP personal projects and IBDP extended essays.
7. Attend regular curriculum planning and student progress meetings.
8. Keep parents informed about student progress and attending parent meetings.

Contract Term: September 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020

Working Hour: 8am to 4pm

Compensation and Benefits:
• Salary: 180,000-250,000 RMB yearly before tax.
• Bonus: One-month bonus for first contract renewal. Two months for second.
• Holiday: All the holidays stipulated by Chinese laws and regulations, Christmas
• Medical insurance: Basic medical insurance for inpatient treatment and accidental
injury insurance for teachers.
• Housing allowance: Housing provided on campus.

III: ES/MS English Teacher
A prestigious local school in Shanghai is looking for English teachers for ES (grade 1-
5) and MS (6-8) international divisions.

• Minimum BA degree
• Native English-Country Speaker
• Major in teaching or education is a plus
• 2 years of teaching experience.
• Non-criminal record
• An outgoing personality
• Love children and education

1. Teach English, Music, Science, Arts etc.
2. Teach 22 classes (35 minutes per) weekly.
3. Design and prepare lesson based on the school curriculum.
4. Attend professional development or team meeting with PRC English teacher

Contract Term: August, 2019 to July, 2020 (renewable (renewable based on

Compensation and Benefits:
• Salary: net 216,000RMB annual
• Bonus: 4,000RMB per semester based on performance
• Medical Insurance: teachers are covered by school.
• Holiday: Winter and summer holiday follows Chinese school calendar. Extra 2
days at Christmas

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