Up to 23000RMB HIGH-PAYING jobs in Shanghai, Guangdong, Hainan, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangsu etc.

Up to 23000RMB HIGH-PAYING jobs in Shanghai, Guangdong, Hainan, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangsu etc.

2,450–2,883 USD
Shiyan, Xiangyang and 4 more
Oct. 17, 2018


DegreeMaster's Degree
CertificatesNo certificate
NativeOnly for native English speakers




New Peak Recruitment has ESL positions all over China, including international/public primary-high schools, universities, kindergartens, and private training centers. Contact us to discuss further TODAY!!!

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1. Location: Jieyang, Guangdong Province
School Type: Private Training Center-Children
Student age: above 4 years old
Workload: Max 25 teaching hours, No office time
Salary: 17,000-20,000RMB
Housing: Private apartment
Airfare: 4000RMB after contract
Holiday: Half paid winter and summer holidays, approx 20 days for summer, 15 days for winter.

2. Location: Nanjing, Jiangsu
School Type: Private Training School - Children
Workload: 20 class hours+ 12 office hours
Salary:17,000-21,000 after tax
Airfare: 8000
Housing Allowance: 2000 housing allowance per month
Holidays: Paid Chinese public holidays

3. Location: Chongqing
School Type: University
Workload: Max 20 teaching hours + 4 office hours
Salary: 15,000-18,000RMB
Housing: Free apartment
Airfare: 5000-8000RMB after contract
Other Benefits: 45RMB Meal Allowance Per Working Day
Starting date: Oct/Nov 2018

4. Location: Shanghai
School Type: International Kindergarten
Working time: Mon-Fri
Airfare: 8,000RMB after tax
Housing: Free housing
Bonus: 10,000RMB after contract

5. Location: Pudong, Shanghai
School Type: Private Training Center-Children
Student age: 4-12 years old
Workload: 28 teaching hrs, no office time
Salary: 18,000-20,000RMB after tax
Housing: N/A

6. Location: Tongzhou, Beijing
School Type: High School
Workload: Max 25 teaching hrs, no office time
Salary: 16,000RMB before tax
Housing: Free apartment, or 4,000RMB housing allowance per month
Other benefits: 3000RMB traffic allowance
Holiday: Paid winter holiday
Contract duration: Oct 2018- Jul 2019

7. Location: Dongguan, Guangdong
School Type: Private Training Center
Students age: Adults
Workload: Max 25 teaching hrs+ office time
Salary range: 13,000-15,000RMB
Airfare: 6,000RMB
Housing Allowance: 2000RMB per month
Holiday: Paid Chinese Public Holidays

8. Location: Luoyang, Henan
School Type: Primary/Middle School
Workload: 22 classes per week, no office time
Salary: 14,000RMB after tax
Housing: Free housing
Holiday: Full paid winter holiday+ half paid summer holiday

9. Location: Haikou, Hainan
School Type: Private Training Center-Children
Student Age: 2-15 years old
Workload: 23 teaching hrs, no office time
Salary: 13,000RMB
Housing: Free housing
Allowance: 300RMB utilities allowance per month

10. Location: Dalian, Liaoning
School type: Private training center-children and adults
Student age: 5-12 years old and 18-adults
Workload: Max 25 teaching hrs
Salary: 18,000-23,000RMB
Holiday: Paid public holidays+ 7 days paid vacation

11.Location: Wuxi, Jiangsu
School Type: University
Salary: 10,000RMB
Accommodation: Free Housing
Workload: 12 classes+4 office hours per week
Holiday: Paid winter and summer holidays

12. Location: Wenzhou, Zhejiang
School Type: Private Training Center-Children
Workload: 35 hours per week (teaching+office time)
Salary: 16,000-18,000RMB
Housing: 2500RMB housing allowance
Airfare: 10,000RMB after tax
Holiday: 10days paid vacantion

13. Location: Danyang, Zhenjiang city, Jiangsu Province
School Type: Private Training Center-Children
Student age: 3-12 years old
Workload: 25 teaching hours+15 office hours
Salary: 16,000-20,000RMB after tax
Housing: Free apartment
Airfare: 6,000RMB after contract

14. Location: Xi'an, Shanxi
School Type: Private Training Center-Children
Student age: 4-15 years old
Workload: 25 teaching hours+ 15 hours office time
Salary: 16,000-20,000RMB
Housing: Free apartment

15. Location: Chengdu, Kunming, Xiamen, Haikou etc.
School Type: Private Training Center--Children
Student Age: 2-12 years old
Workload: 20 teaching hours+15 office hours
Salary: 16,000RMB+
Bonus: up to 15,000RMB for contract completion, sign-in allowance 6,000RMB
Housing allowance: 2,000RMB per month
Airfare: 6,000RMB after contract
Paid holidays: 15 days public holiday+10 days annual leave

16.Locaiton: Shangrao, Jiangxi
School Type: Private Training School¡ªChildren
Workload: 25 teaching hours+ office time
Housing: Free apartment
Airfare: Yes
Holiday: Paid public holidays

17. Location: Xiamen, Fujian
School type: Private training center- children
Student age: 4-14 years old
Workload: 21 teaching hours+ office time (two options: 4 or 5 days work)
Salary: 13,000-16,000RMB
Airfare: 6,000RMB
Bonus: 6,000RMB per year

18. Location: Fushun, Liaoning
School Type: Primary School
Student age: 7-11 years old
Working time: 9:30am-6pm, Mon-Fri (Max 22 classes per month )
Salary: 16,000-18,000RMB
Housing: Free apartment
Holiday: Half paid winter and summer holidays

19. Location: Jinan, Shandong
School type: Kindergarten
Student age: 3-6 years old
Working time: Mon-Fri, no office time
Salary: 18,000RMB+
Housing: Free apartment
Holiday: Chinese public holidays

20. Position: University Subjects Lecture
Working time: Monday-Friday, no weekend or evening classes
Teaching load: Max 20 teaching hours/week
Accommodation: free apartment inside campus with full furniture
Airfare: 5,000---8,000RMB after contract
Requirements: Master degree in related major. No nationality limit. (Only #H requires English native speakers with bachelor degree)
A. Computer Science in Changde, Hunan Province
B. Graphic Design in Wuhan, Hubei Province
C. Graphic Design in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province
D. Mechatronics in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province
E. Mechanical Engineering in Xiangyang, Hubei Province
F. Automobile Engineering in Shiyan, Hubei Province
G. Tourism Management in Shaoyang, Hubei Province
H. Marketing, Accounting in Wuhu, Anhui Province

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