Xi'anTravelers - Great pay, 24/7 teacher assistance (Lifesaver for new teachers.), Excellent accommodations - Central part of City.

Xi'anTravelers - Great pay, 24/7 teacher assistance (Lifesaver for new teachers.), Excellent accommodations - Central part of City.

1,441–2,162 USD
Oct. 16, 2018


DegreeBachelor's Degree
NativeNon-native English speakers can apply


VisaWorking visa


We are Xi’anTravelers ([URL protected] and we help teachers find positions in Xi’an and Xi’an only as this is where we are located and allows us to assist our teachers with all their needs whenever they need us. Our small but diligent team has over 10 years of experience in ESL education and foreign services. We are a foreign (American) and Chinese run service company.
Many agencies in China have a less than stellar reputation and that’s why we decided that we could do better and improve the marketplace by offering a higher degree of service.
Services for our teachers include:
• Travel – We will assist with booking flights, trains, buses, hotels ect. If you want to travel on your time off
• Healthcare – We offer free basic insurance. If you become ill at anytime we will take you to see a doctor and/or assist you with receiving the medications you need
• Apartment – We provide a fully furnished modern apartment that will meet western standards. Kitchenware and appliances will be provided along with new sheets and blankets for your bed.
• Banking/Phone – We will assist you with bank account and mobile phone setup upon your arrival in China!
• Regular Social Events – We frequently arrange social events for our teachers so it’s very easy to meet new friends while enjoying fun activities. You are not required to attend any you wish not to.
• Salary – Your salary will be on par with the current rates for teachers in Xi’an. As your experience grows so will your salary!
• Family – Being away from your family and friends is hard so we like to treat our teachers as a small family. We always do our best to help our teachers feel at home for special occasions (birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, ect).
• Training – You will be given 2 weeks of training.
• Chinese Lessons – If you are interested you will be provided a free basic Chinese language course.
• Other – If you just need help purchasing something online or any other small request, we will help! Just ask our friendly foreign affairs assistant (24/7).
• Extra income – If you’re interested in making some extra money we can assist you. Sometimes we have acting, voice acting, modeling and tutoring opportunities.
• Visa Services – We will assist you with getting the Z Visa (working Visa)
• Trusted Institutions -We offer positions in a select list of schools where we have built trusting relationships with who will work with us to meet the needs of the teachers. We can help with any negotiations so that you are completely satisfied. We only work with schools that are in the CENTRAL part of Xi’an. MANY schools claim to be in big cities but they could actually be an hour plus drive away!
• Students Age - from 3 to 14 years old
• Schedule - 5 day work week usually from Wednesday to Sunday.20 office hours (usually less) and 20 hours of class time (usually less).
• Salary – Your salary is based on experience and qualifications and ranges from 10,000 RMB to 15,000 RMB with chances to earn more! A bonus payment of 8000 RMB will be provided at the completion of the 12 month contract.
• Holidays – you will receive the same holidays as the Chinese with pay!

Please contact us at [URL protected] today!