Faculty Position : Open Invitation (Dongguk University Gyeongju Campus)

Faculty Position : Open Invitation (Dongguk University Gyeongju Campus)

Scilla, Calabria, Italy
Oct. 22, 2018


DegreeMaster's Degree
CertificatesTESOL, CELTA
NativeOnly for native English speakers




*Important Dates
- Application Period : October 22nd(Monday) to November 5th(Monday) 2018
- Contact of Those Called for Interview : November 12th(Monday) 2018
- Interview : November 17th(Saturday) 2018
- Contact of Succesful Candidates : November 21st(Wednesday) 2018
¡Ø Please note that those dates above are subject to change

The PARAMITA College at Dongguk University in Gyeongju is hiring full-time English instructors for March 1, 2019 to February 28, 2020. This is a non- tenure track, full time position, and contracts will be renewed every year based on class evaluations. We are looking for dedicated teachers who are interested in professional development and working with teams of teachers. We strive to maintain a collaborative work environment where materials, resources and ideas are shared.

● Only apply if you are in Korea. We are not considering applicants who are in another country.
●Please make sure that you include all of the documents we have listed in your application packet.
¡ØIf there¡¯s no documents for headings(Career, Degree, Etc.) the headings will not be considered.
● Please include your visa expiration date, and type of visa you have. We will only hire people who have E-2 or F visas which allow for work in schools)
● We want to hire people who hold a master¡¯s degree with 2 years¡¯ teaching experiences or PhD Degree holders.

1. Background : Dongguk University is a Buddhist university located in the ancient Shilla capital of Gyeongju, a city with population of 300,000. Gyeongju is renowned for its cultural and historic heritage, as well as for its abundant outdoor recreation activities. It is conveniently located within an hour of Daegu, Busan, Ulsan, and Pohang, and it is also a 35-minute drive from the East Sea.

2. Responsibilities : The PARAMITA faculty is primarily responsible for a four-semester program comprised of mandatory English conversation courses. We also have writing courses for pre-intermediate and intermediate learners. Faculty members are additionally responsible for holding office hours and teaching certain classes during vacation time. Opportunities for additional classes are available. Teachers are paid overtime for all extra work.

In addition to credit classes we need faculty members to work in our International Lounge. Lounge programs run parallel to our regular courses, but are not taught for credit, and are open to all of our students. Teachers will be expected to prepare communicative activities specific to various learner levels.

All teachers belong to teams according to the courses they teach. Each team has a leader who is responsible for basic curricular decisions and maintaining course consistency. Team objectives are standardized and all teachers use standardized rubrics to evaluate student output. Teachers must attend three team meetings a semester (as well as department workshops).

3. Contract Details :
● 12 hours/credit course, 1 additional program, 2 hours office hours and minimum of 4 days/week.
● The starting salary is 2.65 million won/month for holders of master¡¯s degrees. 2.8 million won for holders of Ph.D degrees. Taxes are deducted based on Korean Tax Law.
● Two months paid vacation a year (during the University vacation period).
● Office space with a personal computer is provided.
● Overtime rate is 22,000 won/hour for credit courses(day) and 33,000 won/hour for credit courses(evening) in accordance with the payment system employed by the university.
● Health insurance plan.(Based on National Health)
● The corporate pension plan is based upon the Private University Pension Law. There is no end of year severance pay.
● Housing is simply included in instructors¡¯ salary, and there is no set apartment complex provided for teaching faculty. (The cost of living is quite reasonable in Gyeongju.)

4. Qualifications(Eligibility Requirements)
● Native English speakers
● A master¡¯s degree with two years¡¯ teaching experiences (or PhD Degree Holders)
● No record of legal/disciplinary disqualification
¡Ø TESOL or CELTA certification is an asset.
¡Ø Please do not include personal tutor experience.
Please be mindful of changes in immigration policy (criminal background check and diploma authentication) and how that affects your visa status when you change jobs.

5. Required Documents (PLEASE INCLUDE EVERYTHING):
● Application
¡Ø To download the application form : [URL protected]

● A cover letter attached with all contact information
● Resume
● Two letters of reference: signed and on letterhead (or stamped) with contact number.
● Copies/Scans of a passport with nationality and date of birth visible
● Copies/Scans of university diploma(s) and transcript(s)
*Those called for interview should bring the original copy of their
university diploma(s) and transcript(s) on the interview day.
● Copy of your Alien Registration Card (make sure your visa status is visible, double side)
● Certificate of Career and Employment(Proof of work experience)
Omission of any docs listed above will cause disqualification.

6. Application Period:
We will accept applications by November 5th(Monday), 2018.
To apply via email, attach all appropriate docs and send to the following contacts: [URL protected]

7. Interview:
The interview will take place on November 17th(Saturday) 2018, and we will be holding only in-person interview.
Your interview will begin with a lessondemonstration. You will have ten-twelve minutes to discuss your activity with us. Here is what we are looking for:

You may choose show how you move though a communicative lesson:
● Have a target level in mind.
● Demonstrate how you carry out a specific communicative target. Demonstrate an objective and what you want students to be able to do, and how you facilitate the process of helping students notices facets of the language and/or conversation flow.
● For example, you might discuss the process of follow up reactions/responses/questions in any given tense; dynamics of conversation flow as it relates to a particular theme; giving opinions using comparative adjective phrases with explanation—the possibilities are limitless.
● You may show how you establish a relationship between form and function. However, you need not go into detail about grammatical minutia.

You may choose a writing based activity or something you enjoy:
● You might focus on a particular aspect of writing: solid paragraph construction; common errors; reasons and supporting details; using facts; etc.
● You might also choose to explore a particular essay or genre of writing and basic steps and process taken to complete an assignment.

Please specify when you apply when you might be able to come for an interview. (Interview will be scheduled on November 17th(Saturday).

8. How to Apply:
To apply via email attach all appropriate docs and send to the following contacts:

[URL protected]

Candidates being considered for position will be later asked to submit sealed official transcripts along with an original diploma.
Please send any additional questions and concerns to:

[URL protected]

● Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
¡Ø To download the application form : [URL protected]

● Please DO NOT include personal tutor experience.
● We will be holding only in-person interview.
● Those called for Intuerview should bring the original of their univ- ersity diploma(s) and transcript(s) on the interview day and those documents will be required after you are accepted.
● Number of hours in training courses (CELTA, TESOL¡¦) should be provided.