Kunming Pollard International School need teachers for 2019 Spring semester in Kunming, China

Kunming Pollard International School need teachers for 2019 Spring semester in Kunming, China

Estabrook and Garden Grove, United States
Oct. 31, 2018


DegreeMaster's Degree
NativeOnly for native English speakers


VisaWorking visa


Pollard International School is a professional school that prepares Chinese and International students who plan on transferring to primary school, middle school, high school or university in the Unites States or other English- speaking countries.

Our students' ages ranges from 6 to 18 years old.
Our school motto is:
"Great meaningful life impacts others in an excellent way."

Pollard uses U.S. public school curriculum and textbooks to teach Chinese and International students. The primary requirement to work with us is to love education and children.

Pollard International School is in China, Yunnan Province, Kunming, at the largest park in Kunming (Kunming Expo Garden). It is therefore both quiet and safe.
Kunming is known as the Spring City, which attracts many foreigners to live here with its wonderful environment and beautiful weather.
Pollard School is a partner school with local kindergartens, primary schools, universities and companies. Pollard School has the authority to hire teachers for them.

We are looking for:
1. Native English speaker
2. Great team spirit
3. Age 25-60
4. TOFEL/TEFL certification
5. A bachelor's or graduate degree required, educational background major preferred
6. Public school certification/license preferred
7. Ability to be flexible with work arrangement
8. Excellent planning, preparing, directing and adapting activities and educative content to cater to school's needs and/or requests
9. Ability to maintain focus and consistency during times of increased pressure
10. Stay for 3 years or more preferred

Right now, we need:
1) Teachers for Pollard International School
Number of job vacancies: 6 full time teachers
Work place: Kunming, Yunnan, P. R. China
Time:2019 Spring Semester
Job description:
- 1-2 full-time teachers for English/Literature
- 1-2 full-time teachers for Science
- 1-2 full-time teachers for Social Studies
- 1 full-time teacher for Mathematics
- 1 full-time teacher for P.E.
- Competitive Salary
- Work visa provided, if qualified

For more information, please email our HR Office down below:
[URL protected]

昆明伯格理学校招聘简章 昆明伯格理学校简介 昆明伯格理学校秉承“生命影响生命,品格影响品格”的办学理念,多年来专注建立云南最专业的留学预备学校,在小学阶段中英双语教育,在初中阶段开始全英语全科教学,使就读学生同时拥有与中美两国同龄学生的语言能力及学习能力。学校位于森林覆盖的云南省昆明世博园内,环境优美、安全,课程从小学到高中与美国学校同步。 根据学校发展需求,现诚聘以下人员,入职时间:2019年春季学期: 招聘2名语文教师 招聘2名数学教师 招聘2名英语教师 招聘2名班主任教师 要求: 1, 师范专业毕业,5年以上的教学经验; 2, 教育学及相关专业 3, 工资3000-8000人民币/每月起,根据实际教学能力调整不设上限。另外加国家要求保险; 4, 周六周日休息 6, 工作时间为周一到周五早8:15-16:45 7, 工作地点在昆明市 8, 任课年级为小学1—12年级 9, 年龄不限 10、热爱教育事业 请勿电话来访,详细简历请发一下信箱: [URL protected] 唐老师收 招聘6名国际教师(外教) 要求: 1, 有教师资格证书,5年以上的教学经验; 2, 数学、物理、化学、自然科学及相关专业; 3, 工资面谈,根据实际教学能力调整不设上限。报销每年国际往返机票; 4, 周六周日休息 6, 工作时间为周一到周五早8:15-16:45 7, 工作地点在昆明市 8, 办理工作签证 9, 年龄不限 11、热爱教育事业 请勿电话来访,详细简历请发一下信箱: [URL protected] Grace收 [URL protected]