Teaching kindergarten through primary school students in Zunyi, Guizhou Province, China

Teaching kindergarten through primary school students in Zunyi, Guizhou Province, China

1,872–2,593 USD
Beijing, Zunyi and Shanghai
Nov. 1, 2018


DegreeNo degree
NativeNon-native English speakers can apply




About the job:
The position primarily involves teaching kindergarten through primary school students. We are a training school for people of all ages, therefore some high school or adult/conversational level classes may be added to the schedule in the future. We provide help from fluent bilingual Chinese teaching assistants in all classes. We will provide quality materials, guidance, and support for planning the curriculum. We use the Let’s Go (younger students) and American Headway (older students) textbook series, which are a step above the usual texts. We try to focus on developing strong verbal communication skills because the local public schools are largely lacking in this skill set. We are not just in it for the money; we genuinely strive to give our students a quality education. As such, we do not restrict learning to the classroom. We often take older students out for lunch or younger students outdoors for activities to affect a more natural learning environment.

We never overload our teachers with classes; most likely teachers see around four classes a day, with an absolute max of six classes on the busiest days (generally weekends). We guarantee two consecutive days off a week, and we are flexible with accommodating vacation and travel days. In general, we are much more reasonable to work with than many local employers. We like to have fun, and our work environment reflects this. Our staff is young and sociable, and everyone here gets along really well, so we hope to continue with this sense of camaraderie!

Compensation and Benefits:
The monthly pay is anywhere from 13,000-18,000RMB depending upon experience, contract duration, and your choice of accommodations. Ant&Elephant can provide free accommodations close to school complete with utilities and internet OR a 3,000RMB stipend for housing. A homecooked meal is provided every working shift. Ant&Elephant will help with either incoming flights OR provide an annual 1,000 USD contract completion bonus. We will handle ALL visa costs and logistics (flight, hotel, train, taxi, etc). Teachers can easily save 75% of their income or more and live very comfortably. We also participate in several team building trips throughout the year.

Visa Requirements:
-Federal level authentication of diploma and criminal background check
-Authentication from the Chinese Embassy in the city nearest you
-We will guide you through the process to make it as easy and painless as possible

Ant&Elephant and You:
This is not your typical training school! Unlike many training schools in Shanghai and Beijing, at Ant&Elephant teachers are not workhorses expected to routinely regurgitate American culture and language. Chinese people of all ages are here not only to learn English, but to make meaningful connections with a cultural perspective rarely found in Guizhou province. Ant&Elephant provides support, training and structure for teachers and staff, with all the flexibility and understanding of a family dynamic. Positive energy, enthusiasm, an outgoing personality and a good sense of adventure are all essential. We desire someone with a love for young children (obviously) and are invested in delivering a quality educational experience. We strongly prefer candidates with at least two years teaching experience, and we would give preference to holders of TEFL certifications or relevant education degrees. If this sounds like you, please contact me ASAP!

Life in Zunyi:
Get off the beaten path and see the southwest of China! This prefecture level city of around 1 million is much less westernized than most. Some aspects of Western culture are ubiquitous in the global age (McDonald’s), but Zunyi has still kept a lot of its local zest. Locals are known for their relaxed and friendly attitudes, are extremely sociable and welcoming of foreigners, and have a penchant for spicy, exotic flavors and dishes. The old town here was where Mao was first elected leader of the CPC and the city has kept much of its old character. Set amongst striking mountains, Zunyi is adjacent to an impressive natural scenery and various outdoor activities including biking, rafting, climbing, and hiking. It never gets too hot in the summer or cold enough to snow in the winter. It is extremely affordable compared to most parts of the country. A meal from among the infinite street side restaurants average around 8-10RMB (6.8RMB = $1). Groceries, taxis, etc. are similarly much cheaper than in the coastal cities. It is impossibly easy to save.

I am the Foreign Director at Ant&Elephant (not a recruiter!) from the U.S. and have lived in China for several years now. Our Chinese owner is also American educated, so we can offer better-than-average support and communication here. No confusion, no bait-and-switch, no misdirection. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have about the job or the city, I’m quick to respond!

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