Public Elementary Schools of Taiwan.

Public Elementary Schools of Taiwan.

Up to 40,000 USD
Taoyuan City, Taiwan, Taiwan
Nov. 8, 2018


DegreeNo degree
CertificatesNo certificate
NativeOnly for native English speakers




Are you a state-credentialed teacher looking for a rewarding position teaching English overseas? Teach in the public elementary schools of Taiwan!

We have great full-time opportunities teaching in the public schools open right now!

These posts are similar to what you have likely experienced in your teaching career. This is a GREAT place for teachers who want to put their classroom experience into practice. The focus is working in parallel with your school’s Taiwanese English teachers to provide a native speaker of English who can offer students intensive listening & speaking practice.
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You'll teach primarily your campus’ first & second graders. You’ll see each class at least once a week. The older grades (3rd - 6th) you’ll see once a semester. The focus will be to work in parallel with your school’s Taiwanese English teachers to provide a native speaker who can offer intensive listening & speaking classes for the students.

The positions are in Taoyuan, a modern suburb of Taipei and the second largest in terms of population. Minutes from the mountains and the sea has a comprehensive, efficient and inexpensive mass transit system serving the whole metropolitan area.
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In these posts you'll enjoy up to NT$40,000 (around US$1,300) air ticket reimbursement for your to-Taiwan flight, and then again up to NT$40,000 reimbursement for your return flight.

Plus, know that you’re helping children from every economic strata when you’re teaching in the public schools.

First-time teachers, retired teachers and teaching couples all welcome!

Positions starting from your arrival through July 31st, 2019 with annual renewal options available.

When you arrive we’ll pick you up from the airport and help you with everything to get settled in - from finding an apartment near your school to getting a local cellphone number and a bank account. And, we’ll be there through the year to make sure your expatriate year - or years - are stress- free as we handle all the paperwork.

Please send your detailed resume and links to your currently valid state- issued teachers credential to: [URL protected]
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