Seeking Full-time English Instructors in in Yangju, Wonju and Goseong, Korea

Seeking Full-time English Instructors in in Yangju, Wonju and Goseong, Korea

Yangju, Wonju-si and Goseong-gun
Nov. 9, 2018


DegreeMaster's Degree
NativeOnly for native English speakers





Kyungdong University(KDU), which has campuses in Yangju, Wonju and Goseong is seeking full-time English instructors.

1. Job Description
- Position: Assistant Professor
- Department: Dept. of General Education
- Openings: 4
- Subject to Teach: English (Credit and Non credit Classes)

2. Qualification
a. Native English speaker with nationalities from such countries as U.S.A.,
U.K., Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.
b. Master's degree holder with more than 2 years of teaching experience as a
full-time faculty member at college(s), or Ph.D holder.
c. TESOL certificate holder
d. Applicant should be in good legal standing. Those who are not reinstated
after the declaration of bankruptcy, and who have criminal records can not
apply for this position.
e. Applicant should not be disqualified from travelling abroad.

3. Application
- Required Documents
a. Resume
b. Cover letter
c. Certificate of academic credentials (diploma and transcript/ bachelor's,
master's doctoral)
d. Certificate of Career/Employment (for each stated in your Application form)
e. Certificate of TESOL
f. List of Achievements published within 3 years
g. Copy of Achievement published within 3 years
- Journal : Abstract( Title of research paper, title of the journal,
number of authors, and other bibliographic information of the
journal should be indicated); in case of on-line publication,
the first page of the PDF version will do.
-Monograph: Cover page, the contents page and other bibliographic
information including ISBN.
¡Ø Except the copy of Achievements(g), all documents should be complied in the
order listed above in PDF and should be sent both through email and
registered mail.

¨è Submission
a. Application Due: Nov. 9, 2018(Fri)~ Nov. 26, 2018(Mon)
b. Submission Method: E-mail and Registered Mail
(Should submit through both methods):
-E-mail: [URL protected]
-Address for Registered mail:
(¿ì) 11458 °æ±âµµ ¾çÁֽà °æµ¿´ëÇзΠ27 (°í¾Ïµ¿) °æµ¿´ëÇб³ ±³Á÷¿øÀλçÆÀ
(Please write ¡° Application for faculty position¡± on the Envelop)

4. Review Procedure
a. 1st Phase : Documents Screening
b. 2nd Phase : Interview (Only those selected for interviews will be contacted)

5. Others
a. Terms of employment will be subject to the Personnel Management regulation
of Kyungdong University
b. the contract will begin from March 1, 2019
c. The schedule of hiring and the beginning of contract will be subject to
change due to the university affairs.
d. The employment contract will be cancelled if flaws are found in the
application documents.
e. Application documents will not be returned and KDU is not liable for any
inconvenience given to applicants who have submitted erroneous application
and contact details.