e are NOT a recruiting service; this advertisement is direct from the current employer looking for suitable replacements

e are NOT a recruiting service; this advertisement is direct from the current employer looking for suitable replacements

50 USD
Busan, Tongyeong-si and Seoul
Nov. 14, 2018


DegreeBachelor's Degree
CertificatesTEFL, TESOL, CELTA
NativeOnly for native English speakers


FlightRound trip


• Seeking an Individual to fill 1 full-time teaching position;
*1 position in our language laboratory (preferred candidate will be committed to interviewing students and exploring the latest ESL support tools to keep students engaged)
-> email with inquiries from current teacher : They are written at the bottom of this page.

• School name: Uniworld English Academy (Since 2002~ )
• Location: Tongyeong, South Korea
• Work hours: Monday to Friday(Never in weekends), in the late afternoons and evenings (roughly 1:40 - 8:50 PM)
• Contract period: 12 months with the option to renew
• Start dates: March 4th 2018

Uniworld is a unique English-language hagwon (an after school enrichment academy). Unlike other schools, Uniworld focuses on an integrated individualized curriculum (combining computer programs with one-on-one classroom interaction to support student development).This approach, combined with small class sizes (no more than 14 per class), makes teaching here more rewarding than many conventional teaching positions. Rather than leading whole-group instruction, these positions require that you act alternately as a mentor, coach, and tutor. Most of our students are between the ages of 8 and 14, though some can be as young as 6 or as old as 18. You should enjoy working with children of all ages and developing positive relationships with every student.

Uniworld understands the challenges of teaching and living in an unfamiliar culture. Uniworld works hard to ensure the satisfaction of the foreign teacher by assisting with the transition from the home country, by being transparent about the terms and conditions of employment, and by supporting teachers in the classroom with Korean staff. It is a highly collaborative and ever- adaptive environment as we explore new ways to teach ESL that excite and engage our students (and teachers!). We prefer teachers who are highly committed to their profession and looking for a creative space to grow with their students.

Primary responsibilities :
• develop students' verbal language skills through daily, one-on-one conversations in English
• supervise the independent study of a group of 6-14 students (per class)
• assess students' language proficiencies and provide constructive feedback
• collaborate with cooperating teachers to develop and implement classroom procedures effective in keeping students engaged in their work
• provide enrichment activities like songs, games, and creative-projects to create a positive, fun-filled learning environment

Secondary responsibilities:
Teachers may be asked to facilitate one or more of the following types of classes/special events in a workday:
* small-group speaking or writing workshops
* at least three major cultural events throughout the year- Children’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, etc.

Required :
• possess native English-language proficiency
• be a citizen of US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain...
• possess a Bachelors degree in any field from an accredited university
• possess a genuine desire to build authentic relationships with children of all ages
• be sensitive to cultural differences and possess a willingness to make accommodations
• Be highly adaptive to a “trial and error” environment striving to continually develop a viable integration between a computer classroom and individual instruction

• TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certification
• Two years of experience working with children and/or adolescents
• Classroom teaching experience
• Previous experience living/working in a foreign country
• experience with implementing and developing second language learning technology plans
• Individuals with all the visa process documents ready.

Our academy is located in the seaside city of Tongyeong. Major industries are fishing, ship building, and tourism. With a population of 150,000, Tongyeong has many other foreign teachers, as well as scores of restaurants, shops, and bars. You will also find numerous parks, movie theaters, and other forms of entertainment. Tongyeong is surrounded by small, steep mountains, a rugged coastline, and numerous islands. The islands are accessible from Tongyeong's ferry terminal; some are quite popular with Korean tourists as hiking, biking, or swimming destinations. The closest large city is Busan, which can be reached by bus in an hour and a half. A direct bus to Seoul takes four hours.

The teacher will receive ₩2.2million per month
* 6 classes (50 minutes each) per instructor in a about 7-hour workday (additional overtime may be available only with approval from the instructor in advance)

• Round-trip airfare support ( 800,000 Won each)
• Health benefits (Korea's national public heath care system)
• National Pension System
• Completion bonus equal to one month's salary (paid upon completion of the contract)
• Furnished apartment (provided at no cost)
* includes major appliances, some furniture, basic linens and kitchen items
* apartments in desirable downtown location, close to restaurants, the nightlife, and the seaside

• All national holidays ("Red Days" on Korean Calendar) are paid vacation
• An additional 10 days of paid vacation (5 days in the summer, and another 5 days in the winter)

Please submit the following via email: [URL protected]
• resume
• cover letter
• current photo
• date of birth
• slef-intruductory video clip (if possible)
Qualified candidates will be invited to have preliminary and follow-up interviews via Skype.

[Required documents]
1. Resume with Cover Letter (including contact information, educational/employment history, picture and employment references)
2. Recent photo (3X4 cm size, 3-4 copies)
3. Copy of university diploma with affixed apostille (notarized for Canadian citizens)
4. Original copy of federal-level criminal record check no older than six- months from time of issuance with affixed apostille (notarized copy of a fingerprint-based RCMP check for Canadian citizens)
5. Self medical check form
6. Passport copy
7. Self-introductory video clip (If possible, Link) if applicable
8. If living / working in Korea: scanned copy of Alien Registration Card (front and back), signed letter of release from employer, and copies of the above mentioned documents as previously submitted to the Korea Immigration Services.

Current teachers for information about our school.
Jeremy Schramm: [URL protected]
Nicholle Ayala : [URL protected]
Kevin : [URL protected]