Work in REAL CHINA. Tieling City - up to 12k or MORE a month VISA, apt, utilities, airfare.

Work in REAL CHINA. Tieling City - up to 12k or MORE a month VISA, apt, utilities, airfare.

Tieling, Kilimanjaro International Airport and Shenyang
Nov. 15, 2018


DegreeMaster's Degree
NativeOnly for native English speakers


FlightRound trip


2 job openings available for immediate start! Prefer someone under the age of 50 who enjoys working with kids and has a positive attitude!

We are Victoria House of Foreign Languages. Open since 2001. Most of our students are young learners - kindy and elementary level, but we are also looking to expand our adult English education as well!
We are located in Tieling City, Liaoning province (Northeastern China). We are a relatively small city but located very near the capital of Liaoning Province (Shenyang City). It gets cold in the winter but homes have central heating which keeps it nice and warm inside!
This is a small city with some nice natural scenery around! We have a mountain park here in the center of town. We have a huge wetland area about a 20 minute bus ride away. There are nice hot springs just a short train ride away as well!
We have a high speed rail station here in town, so it's easy to travel almost anywhere - this also opens up very cool possibilities for weekend getaways!
This region of China is very good for learning China, as the language spoken here in the Northeast is very similar to standard Mandarin! In fact, it's one of the ideal areas to learn Chinese! Southern China is the place NOT to go if you want to study Mandarin!
The food in this region is savory, salty, and even sometimes a little sour and or spicy! Very tasty food up here, very suitable for the Western palate!
There is an international airport just an hour from here, which is also very convenient as well.
Cost of living in this city is very low. Saving money is easy.

Our main school here is Victoria International Kindergarten. Just down the street from there, we have a private language training center called Thomas which teaches mostly kindy - elementary age students. We also have a newly opened branch called WELL Education which offers lessons to older students. We are unique in the sense that we consider the happiness and comfort of our teachers and we make that a priority! If our teachers have any problems, we try to fix them/help them right away. If there are schedule changes, we try to tell them right away. We have occasional meetings and get-togethers as well to try to keep good communication and build team spirit and morale!

Native English speakers who are energetic and friendly! Preferably under 50 years of age, but those who are over 50 are welcome to apply as well!

If you are from a native English speaking country and have a BA or higher in any subject you are qualified. You'll need either a TEFL certificate or 2+ years experience in teaching ESL.

If you do a 15 hour a week contract, you can make 8000rmb per month.
If you do a 20 hour contract, you can make 10000rmb per month.
If you do a 25 hour contract, you can make 12000rmb OR MORE per month! (Depends on qualifications, experience and job performance.)

Visa, private furnished single apartment, utilities, wifi, good salary, free lunch, round trip airfare upon completion of 1-year contract, free Chinese lessons, medical care, 24/7 support.

If you are interested, please contact us ASAP! [URL protected]