Teach and Travel Abroad Opportunities: Shenzhen and Fuzhou, English Teacher and Daycare Teacher, Salary Package RMB19000 or US$ 2777 - RMB 22000 or  US$ 3200 Free Housing Flight Allowance Be part of a wonderful team

Teach and Travel Abroad Opportunities: Shenzhen and Fuzhou, English Teacher and Daycare Teacher, Salary Package RMB19000 or US$ 2777 - RMB 22000 or  US$ 3200 Free Housing Flight Allowance Be part of a wonderful team

Fushan, Taipei, Taiwan
Nov. 15, 2018


DegreeBachelor's Degree
CertificatesTEFL, DELTA
NativeOnly for native English speakers


InsuranceMedical insurance
VisaWorking visa


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* Teach and Travel Abroad Opportunities: Shenzhen and Fuzhou, English Teacher and Daycare Teacher, Salary Package RMB19000 or US 2777 - RMB 22000 or US$3200 + Free Housing + Flight Allowance + Be part of a wonderful team .*


Our Client is headquartered in Fuzhou, but has now expanded its operations and offers enthusiastic and passionate teachers the opportunity to work in one of their newly opened centres in ChinaÕs tech hub of Shenzhen. The company started in 2003 and it has grown successfully into 12 schools operations and will be adding a few more schools in the city of Fuzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, and Changle employing over 130 International teachers from the UK, US, Australia, South Africa, Canada, and New Zealand

The schools are carefully designed in order to better the quality of education provided for the students.
The classrooms are designed to be flexible, allowing for a multitude of different activities to be used in class. Each classroom is equipped with two whiteboards as well as a TV with USB and in some cases electronic whiteboards. Outside the classroom each, school has a fully-stocked library where students can borrow English books and educational DVDÕs to allow them to bring English into their home environment.
The ages of students are between 4-16, with teachers taking care of small class sizes on a full-time basis each week.



Fuzhou is a ÔsmallÕ Chinese city, and capital of Fujian province. ItÕs a fascinating, sometimes crazy, a mix of old and new. Walking around you get to see both the ancient history of the city as a trading port, the marks of 20th century China and finally the rise of China as a global power, with glass and steel skyscrapers popping up and if thatÕs too much, itÕs easy to find a quiet place. ItÕs coastal, surrounding by mountains and in 2014 was ranked 7th in china for air quality.

Must See in Fuzhou
Fuzhou National Forest Park
The Fuzhou National Forest Park covers an area of 860 hectares and is home to stunning green hills, over 2,500 species of trees and beautiful clear water.
Xi Chan Temple
Xi Chan temple, a huge temple complex not far from the river. What sets this apart from countless other temples in Asia is how busy it is. Not with tourists but with Taoist monks. This is a real working temple and itÕs fascinating to sit in a secluded spot and watch people practicing their religion. 18 Streams
18 streams, a narrow river valley south of the city. ItÕs miraculously quiet most of the time and is a beautiful scenic place to cool off in clear natural rock pools under waterfalls.
Xihu park (West Lake)
West Lake is a beautiful lake in the heart of the city, with a number of little islands and pathways winding around and between them.
Drum Mountain
Drum Mountain,on the other hand, is on the eastern edge of the city. ItÕs a huge ridge that overlooks the city and provides spectacular views. ItÕs also highly popular especially with exercise enthusiasts who climb it regularly!


THE CITY : Shenzhen.

Shenzhen is situated in southeastern China and is known for its fantastic shopping. The city features some of the worlds most modern buildings. It is also one of ChinaÕs wealthiest cities and is very popular with visitors as itÕs a short distance from Hong Kong.
Shenzhen is home to an abundance of different cuisines and eateries. Expect to find foods from all around China. In terms of restaurants,there are many Asian restaurants and Western-style restaurants. A big advantage to eating out in Shenzhen is the price, it is cheaper than eating out in Hong Kong.
Shenzhen is reasonably mild with a mix of rain and sun. An advantage is ShenzhenÕs air quality, it is considered to be one of the best in ChinaÕs big cities.
Places to visit in Shenzhen
Shenzhen has some scenic city parks. It is also known for its striking mountains and hills and not forgetting great beaches.
Wutong Mountain
it is the second tallest mountain in the Pearl River Delta after Hong KongÕs Tai Mo Shan.
Nanshan Park
Nanshan Park is a beautiful place to go hiking and on clear days has fantastic views.
Shenzhen Bay Park
A very interesting seaside urban park, an ideal place for exercise or unwinding with friends.
OCT Bay has something for everyone, it is a large retail and entertainment park in Shenzhen. It features a manmade lake and canals, hotels, restaurants and a shopping mall


*Nathan- from the US *
Along with the benefits of professional development comes the lifestyle that the job can afford you. The low cost of living, provided for high-quality housing, and a generous salary have allowed to live a quality of life unattainable to most recent graduates back in the United States. I am about to save half of my salary each month, yet still live a lifestyle with little financial restrictions.
Fuzhou is a wonderful place to live, boasting as one of the top five cleanest cities in China, and a combination of plentiful bus stations, a metro, and even a public bike-sharing program, make traveling a breeze.
As far as traveling outside of the city, the company provides us teachers with enough vacation time to travel parts of the world that are a once in a lifetime opportunity. Fuzhou is ideally located to allow for convenient travel to almost anywhere in East Asia.

*Alex from the UK *
I am living the dream as an ESL teacher and I love my job. I donÕt know of any other role where you would get to work as a teacher, earn a decent amount of money while still being able to see the world and socialize most nights of the week. In my first 6 months, IÕve been to Shanghai, Beijing, Xiamen, Thailand and Hong Kong.
I donÕt quite know what the future holds for me yet; all I know is that I have fallen in love with the company. Whether it is the country, the job, the people Ð everything! I plan on staying here a good while longer, developing as a teacher, seeing the world and hopefully showing people the same support that I experienced when I first arrived.


As part of the teaching team, you will have Bachelors degree in any subject with TEFL certificate. You hold a passport either from the UK, US, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand,Ireland or Canada. This is due to the government regulations. The school will provide you with initial training before you start teaching as well as ongoing training.
Our next available vacancies will be for November 2018 , Jan,February and March 2019. The ideal candidate will be someone who works well within a team, has a positive outlook, enjoys making friends, and has the ability to adapt to living and working in a new country.

*Below are the details of the teachers need : *

1.Daycare Teacher (please write Job Ref: CYELS101 Daycare Teacher )
October and November 2018: 5 positions for DayCare Teacher
Salary package of RMB 22000 / month ( US $ 3200 )depending on qualification and experience, including Flight ticket, Housing and work visa
Other benefits :
2 weeks of paid training when you arrive to prepare you for your teaching.
Medical insurance
Career development
* 2.Native English Teacher (please write Job Ref:CYELS102 English Teacher )*
November 2018 : 3 in Fuzhou and 1 in Shenzhen
January 2019: 2 in Fuzhou, 1 in Xiamen, 1 in Changle
February 2019 : 7+ in Fuzhou, 2 in Shenzhen, 3 in Xiamen, 1 in Changle
March 2019 : 5 in Fuzhou and 2 in Shenzhen
Salary package of RMB 19000 / month ( US $ 2777 ) depending on qualification and experience including Flight ticket, Housing and work visa
Other benefits :
2 weeks of paid training when you arrive to prepare you for your teaching.
Medical insurance
Career development
How to apply for the above positions :
Please make sure to write the the Job ref, your city time zone and your available interview time based on your time zone (Morning, afternoon or Evening )
For example :
CYELS102 English teacher /London-UK /Morning
CYELS101 Daycare Teacher /Los Angeles-US / Evening
Please send your CV or Resume and current photograph to :

[email protected] or
[email protected]
Website: [URL protected]
About Kindred Teacher Recruitment
Kindred Teacher Recruitment is managed by British and Asian giving full support for our candidates both in Academic and cultural adjustment.
Key Facts :
Our database has reached over 12000 International teachers
We have done over 2000 interviews
We have successfully hired 500 + International teachers from UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa.
Our service for teachers is always completely free of charge.

Please see our website link for other available opportunities: [URL protected]

We are currently in partnership with many reputable schools in China and it keeps increasing due to our commitment to the quality of our teachers. We cover over 70% of schools in South, East, and North China. We bring with us over 15 years experience as International Teacher Recruiter
The kind of schools will be: International schools, Kindergarten, Primary schools, Secondary schools, University and Training schools ( Language schools )
The location: We have partners in many favorite locations in China
Our school partners are on the East coast from the northeast cost such as Beijing, down to middle east cost Shanghai and further down south-east coast close to Hongkong such as GuangZhou where the temperature are warmer with yearly average 21 - 29 C (70 - 84 F )
We also have schools in South West China such as Chongqing, Chengdu and many other schools across China.
As for the salary package,depending on the company and city location, the salary include housing will be highly competitive within China market and some schools are in the higher range plus plane ticket,bonuses and work visa

We do selection process toward the schools that are in partnership with us to ensure a smooth process for teacher candidates to arrive in the country as well as at the school