Hanseo University is now hiring English Language Professors for School Year 2019-2020

Hanseo University is now hiring English Language Professors for School Year 2019-2020

98 USD
South Korea
Nov. 14, 2018


DegreeMaster's Degree
CertificatesNo certificate
NativeNon-native English speakers can apply




Campus Location: Haemi Chungcheongnam-do
Position Type: Full-Time Faculty- Year to Year Contract
Salary: Starting at 35 – 40 Million Korean Won (including housing stipend) Contract Period: March 1, 2019, to February 29, 2020
Housing Stipend: 3 Million Korean Won
Health Insurance: Korea National Health Insurance
Vacation: Paid vacations-no winter or summer camps required
Pension: Private Pension Fund

Duties & Responsibilities:
· Teach conversational English and grammar
· Teach 18 credit hours per week
· Evaluate and measure student performance through an examination
· Plan and organize instructional materials to meet course objectives
· Participate in a variety of departmental, campus and university-wide programs, activities and department meetings
· Prepare and submit student grades and evaluations to the Administration Department and the Department of General Studies
· Perform other duties as assigned
Minimum Requirements:
· 4 years total experience combining education and work history (Example: Master's degree (2 years) and 2 years of university teaching experience or bachelor’s degree and 4 years of university teaching experience)
· Elementary, middle, high school teaching experience counts as 50% of employment period (Example: A 2-year employment period counts as one year of experience)
· Please note that you must meet the minimum teaching experience to be considered for an interview
· All educational degrees must be from an accredited institution
· Familiarity with and use of collaborative learning techniques and student- centered methods of instruction
· Ability to function well in a technological environment and willing to use technological tools in instruction
· Possess excellent communication skills and have the ability to communicate effectively with students who may have a range of skills
· Possess excellent interpersonal skills
· Ability to work well with students, faculty, and staff
· Ability to work in a multi-ethnic/multicultural environment
· Ability to work a flexible schedule that may include evening classes

★★★ Required Documents
1) Copy of the information page of passport
2) Resume (must include the following information).
- current mailing address, email address, and contact number
- entrance and graduation date for each academic degree
- start and finish date for each past employer
3) Copies of all certificates of degrees (undergraduate, master's, Ph.D.)
4) Copies of all academic transcripts earned (undergraduate, master’s, Ph.D.)
5) Proof of working experience (all items indicated on the resume; showing the date of employment)
6) Passport style photo (Printed photos of applicants (3.5 cm*4.5 cm) 2 copies, due upon hiring)
7) Copy of Alien Registration Card (front and back)
8) Copy of letter of consent from the previous/current employer (original letter needs during visa application)
9) Letter of consent for degree/employment verification signed and return (attached form)
10) Two letters of recommendation
11) Medical Certificate from the general hospital in Korea (공무원 채용 신체 검사)
*Upon hiring, please submit the medical Certificate (공무원 채용 신체 검사) in the Office of Administration at Hanseo University within the specified deadline. ‘Gongmuwon Chaeyong Shichae Geomsa’ can be obtained at a nearby hospital
12) Copy of National Criminal Background Check with apostille.
13) Completed Hanseo University application form (attached form).
Copy and paste in your web browser the web link below to download the application forms (Application Form, Letter of Consent for Degree and Employment Verification, and Applicant Health statement) and fill out.

Application forms for the applicants changing workplaces inside Korea
[URL protected]<[URL protected]>

Application forms for the applicants outside Korea)
[URL protected]<[URL protected]>

Copy and paste in your web browser the web link below to proceed for the application.

English Professor (Applicant Changing Workplaces inside Korea)
[URL protected]<[URL protected]>

English Professor (Applicants Outside Korea)
[URL protected]<[URL protected]>

*Please note that incomplete applications will not be reviewed by our hiring committee.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at [URL protected][URL protected].
*Use the email above for questions and inquiry only. We will reject your application if you submit it via email.