Mandarin Graduate or Lead Teachers for the Uae

Mandarin Graduate or Lead Teachers for the Uae

London, England, United Kingdom
Nov. 19, 2018


DegreeMaster's Degree
NativeOnly for native English speakers




Possible interviews in the UK (London and Manchester) OR SKYPE
(send in your CV, passport copy and mother's name to register for the position)

The Tri-Lingual School Project is in the midst of expansion throughout the UAE. The department is
focussed on

● Brand new curricula which fosters the latest teaching methodology;
● A new assessment strategy;
● In-service teacher training to promote growth and development;
● Utilizing technology to enhance teaching and learning
Our ideal candidate is a fully-qualified teacher with energy, enthusiasm and full commitment to the
profession. This is an opportunity to join a simply remarkable team of teachers.

Job Statement:
As a Mandarin Teacher, you will be an outstanding classroom practitioner who consistently demonstrates the
highest standards of delivery, is fully committed to raising attainment and acutely aware of the strategies
required to achieve the highest standards. You will be the leading example in your school. You should provide
whatever support necessary to ensure the effective functioning of the school.

Essential Functions
Principal duties and responsibilities: The role will encompass all of the following, but the balance of duties and
responsibilities will be determined in discussion with the Lead Teacher and Tri-lingual Schools Project
The Mandarin Teacher, working with other members of the team, will be responsible for the
delivery of the following key priorities:
● Preparing and delivering lessons to a range of classes of different ages and abilities.
● Marking work, giving appropriate feedback and maintaining records of pupils’ progress and
● Providing outstanding teaching to maximize students’ achievement
● Ensuring all students are able to thrive and engage in learning to achieve above and beyond
their highest potential, whilst developing personal and employability skills.
● Executing and supporting the planning of a diverse programme that meets individual learner
needs within Mandarin.
● Managing all facilities and activities related to promoting student learning; this includes
competitions, extracurricular activities and initiatives
● Managing student behaviour in the classroom.

MoE Mandarin Teacher


You will inspire other staff by:
● Understanding and supporting national standards of Mandarin as set by the UAE Ministry of
Education and ensuring these are followed
● Using effective target setting systems for all students
● Identifying effective intervention and mentoring strategies for students
● Being an outstanding practitioner
● Modelling and supporting an inquiry based, language rich classroom environment that
promotes learner engagement and participation.
● Sharing your best practice with other colleagues through continuous professional development
● Researching the best teaching and learning practices
● Attending meetings and committees as required
● Training other staff KG - G12 as needed by the Mandarin Department
● Undertaking such other duties as are commensurate with the post and which may reasonably
be required by the Principal / Lead Teacher.
You will enhance the future of UAE students by:
● Teaching students according to their educational needs, including the appropriate setting and
marking of work, and personalizing the learning experience to meet their specific needs
● Assessing, recording and reporting on the attendance, progress, development and attainment
of students whilst keeping electronic records as required
● Ensuring a high quality learning experience for students, which meets internal and external
quality standards
● Identifying effective intervention and mentoring strategies for students within Mandarin
● Preparing and regularly updating subject materials
● Using a variety of delivery methods, which will stimulate learning appropriate to student needs
and demands of the syllabus
● Undertaking assessment of students as requested by the Ministry of Education
● Marking and grading students work which enables you to give written/verbal and diagnostic
● Supporting and motivating students to allow them to grow and enhance their own skills in both
achieving qualifications and being work ready
● Supporting partnership events with key stakeholders including students, parents, employers,
schools, further and higher education establishments
● Ensuring all students understand the expected standards of behaviour and being prepared to
intervene where these are standards are not followed
● Demonstrating innovative strategies in teaching and learning
● Demonstrating the ability to be self-directed, use initiative, and to be able to solve practical
problems with limited supervision.
● Demonstrate the ability to embed new forms of innovative Information and Learning
Technologies into learning

MoE Mandarin Teacher


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities required:
● Committed to innovation in Teaching and Learning initiatives, with a positive "can do" attitude
and willingness to promote lifelong learning across MOE.
● Able to work and organize workload to independently in order to meet challenging KPIs
● Strong written and verbal communication skills, good interpersonal skills and an ability to work
with diverse groups of people.
● Sound understanding of technologies that support educational development with an interest in
keeping up to date with technological developments.
● Student-centered approach to teaching with an aptitude to work with Arab youth.
● The postholder may be required to undertake any other duties which may reasonably be
required as within the nature of the duties and responsibilities of the post as defined.

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