Teaching kids in beautiful small Island - Xiamen, China in Feb. 2019

Teaching kids in beautiful small Island - Xiamen, China in Feb. 2019

Xiamen, Fujian Sheng, China
Nov. 22, 2018


DegreeMaster's Degree
CertificatesTEFL, TESOL, TESL
NativeOnly for native English speakers


VisaWorking visa


Xiamen WECL English School was established in partnership with Canada World Exchanges Inc in 1999. We have an excellent team of professional foreign teachers, to provide all-round teaching assistant services. By adopting the North American-style multi-disciplinary teaching method, we try to provide an authentic English-speaking world for English lovers, where they can learn and practice English in all aspects.

Xiamen WECL English School offers a wide range of programs which offer English language training. We not only offer full time programs for adults, but also a children program is offered on weekend. During the summer/winter holiday we also have summer and winter camp.

We are looking to hire a full time foreign teacher that will commence teaching in Feb. 2019.

Qualifications and Requirements needed of Foreign Teachers:
1. Native English Speaker; Canadian, American, British, Australian or New Zealander
2. Bachelor's Degree or higher
3. TESOL/TESL/TEFL certification
4. More than 2 years of full time teaching experiences
5. Be in good health; less than 60 years old
6. Provide a reference letter from last employer

Benefits afforded to Foreign Teachers:
● Generous salary
12000RMB per month depending on qualifications and experiences.
● Paid holidays - 10 days during winter holiday + 12 major Chinese national holidays.
Unpaid holiday - 10 days during winter holiday
● Visa and work permits paid for and arranged.
● House allowance 2000RMB/each Month
● Airfare allowance of 10000 RMB.
● Flexible and caring management coupled with continuous teacher training
● Teacher's schedules will include two days off back to back each week.
● Teacher will be schedule to teach kids from 3-12 years old on Saturday and Sunday, and teach 3 days of adult students or kids classes during the week.
● Airport pick-up by school staff

Any potential and interested candidates please send documents including detailed CV, copy of degree, TEFL/TESOL certificate, photo page of your passport, recommendation letter as well as other equivalent documents to [URL protected]

If you want to know more about what's to love about Xiamen?

Lots of things for sure!

The island of Xiamen is just off the southern coast of Fujian Province. It is attached to the mainland by several modern bridges. The transit system is varied, efficient and very cheap. There is an international airport right on the island and that makes traveling within China and outside of China very easy.
There are approximately 3 million people living in Xiamen and yet the city boasts of beautiful parks and green spaces. There are many places to bike and there are several beaches at which to swim. The air is fresh due to the constant breezes coming off the ocean which surrounds the island. Like any city around the world, there are older parts of Xiamen and there are very modern parts. Both have their charms for certain. There is no lack of places to shop or to eat. You can choose to eat Chinese food from the many parts of China or you can find lots restaurants that serve other countries cuisines.
There are plenty of recreational activities in Xiamen. You can choose to climb several small ¡®mountains' within Xiamen proper or you can get your exercise at one of the many inexpensive gym-spas throughout the city. Whatever your reasons are for coming to Xiamen, you will never regret the warm-hearted hospitality that will greet you wherever you go. Xiamen is a very safe and inviting place to live.

More information about WECL English School please check our website: [URL protected]