Teach with a School You Care About in China

Teach with a School You Care About in China

Nov. 22, 2017


DegreeBachelor's Degree
CertificatesQualified teacher
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*Details: *Teach with a School You Care About
Giraffe English is looking for passionate, capable, and enthusiastic teachers to join our dynamic
team of educators in China. We are currently looking for teachers to join us in Wuhan, Suzhou,
Hangzhou, and Xi’an, where you will teach alongside individuals from around the world. The
students at Giraffe range in age from 3 to 12 years old, and our curriculum revolves around
creating a fun and enriching English-learning environment. Giraffe is an ideal place to gain
professional experience while living abroad.
What sets Giraffe apart from the rest?
- Character education. While teaching English is our primary goal, we strive to educate our
students in respect, responsibility, fairness, trustworthiness, citizenship, and caring.
- Comprehensive training. All new foreign teachers go through very thorough training program
to prepare you for success.
- Creative curriculum. Giraffe carries students from the beginnings of English to speaking,
reading, and writing confidently, and our branded curriculum guides the way.
Our Locations:
As the capital of China’s Hubei province, Wuhan is a fantastic place to experience the intersection
of ancient Chinese culture and modern life. Sometimes called the “Chicago of China” due to its
relevance as a central hub, it is situated on the Yangtze River midway between Shanghai and
Chengdu. The city is rife with temples, gardens, mountains, and cultural attractions.
Located only 20 minutes from Shanghai by train, this quaint city is often dubbed “Venice of the
East,” and is still connected by an intricate system of beautiful canals. With all the perks of a big
city and the pleasures of a small town, Suzhou is perfect for anyone looking for an authentic yet
comfortable teaching experience in China.
Also located very close to Shanghai, Hangzhou is one of China’s greatest hidden gems.
Overflowing with the remnants of an ancient metropolis but bustling with modern style, Hangzhou is
home to the famous West Lake and has been a muse for Chinese writers and artists for centuries.
It is also a great place for nature lovers, with plenty of nearby hikes and outdoor adventures.
Xi’an marks the beginning of the ancient Silk Road, and still today it remains full of history and
diversity. The city is beautiful in and of itself, but has become an icon of ancient China since the
discovery of the nearby Terracotta Warriors from China’s first imperial dynasty. With its ancient
history of trade and culture, Xi’an is also great for foodies with its unique and tasty cuisine. People
who visit this spectacular city in Shaanxi province often point out the many similarities to Beijing, in
fact Beijing was actually designed after Xi’an.
What can you expect from Giraffe?
Each location offers a different compensation package, but at minimum you can expect:

- Starting salary of 16,000RMB or more depending on experience
- Housing included in all contracts
- Airfare Reimbursement
- Career Progression within the Giraffe Brand
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