Primary Teacher

Primary Teacher

June 12, 2018


DegreeBachelor's Degree
CertificatesNo certificate
NativeNon-native English speakers can apply




*Fields of Expertise: * Elementary , University ,
*Details: * WASS welcomes any teachers who are passionate about education.
International working environment
Competitive salary and full package of insurance

1. Teaching and Learning responsibilities
a) Provide an organized, disciplined and stimulating environment for students’ learning both inside
and outside the classroom.
b) Promote child centered learning through stimulating, differentiated activities that foster different
learning styles
c) Demonstrate excellence in the classroom
d) Create instructional resources for use in the classroom.
e) Plan, prepare and deliver instructional activities; create lesson plans and modify accordingly
throughout the year; lesson plans submitted on a weekly basis or as instructed by supervisor.
f) Create positive educational climate for students to learn in.
g) Meet course and school-wide student performance goals.
h) Provide proper, accurate and timely assessments for student learning, including creating and
conducting tests, exams, grade papers, comments, reporting, etc. based on the guidelines given by
the school; ensure full compliance of assessment criteria given by the school.
i) Create projects to enhance teaching.
j) Read and stay abreast of current topics / methodologies and approaches in education.
k) Utilize various curriculum resources.
l) Integrate competencies, goals, and objectives into lesson plans.
m) Utilize curricula to provide the diverse educational, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds the
students deserve.
n) Develop incentives to keep students participating in class.
o) Utilize public library or on-line resources.
p) Work with programme supervisors to ensure objectives are being met.
q) Establish and communicate clear objectives for all learning activities.
r) Prepare and distribute required reports.
s) Manage student behaviour by invoking approved disciplinary procedures.
t) Participate in on-going training sessions.
u) Participate in, plan & conduct extra-curriculum activities for students as assigned by the school
(at least one activity per week)
v) All other administrative duties as needed
2. Pastoral responsibilities
a) Promote a positive, confident and happy international community.
b) Have high expectations of personal endeavor and achievement
c) Attend staff meetings, parents/teacher meetings, school trips & school events and functions as
and when required by the school (including events organized on Saturdays and Sundays)
d) Support and implement the student code of conduct.
e) Cover for absent colleagues when required
3. Responsibilities to the School
a) Work closely with other staff members as a team, sharing skills and equipment with other staff.
b) Contribute actively to the school’s Newsletters/Bulletin and Booklets.
c) Assist in marketing programmes and parent discussion groups and other programmes to
promote the school and its philosophies.
4. Other tasks
Undertake other tasks as and when assigned by the Immediate Superior and/or the school.
Qualifications & skills:
-Have a Bachelor degree Primary Education.
-Have experiences in teaching in the Cambridge International curriculum/ MOET program
-Be an able and committed teacher who is able to inspire students and meet their individual needs
-Have a passion for innovation in education
-Be demonstrably sensitive in cross cultural relationships therefore functioning competently and
flexibly in a cross-cultural school
-Be an effective user of Information Technology
-Demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills
-Have exceptional relationship skills
-Have the ability to manage conflict effectively and actively work to achieve solutions

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