English Teacher and Coach for 5 to 12 y.o.in Shanghai

English Teacher and Coach for 5 to 12 y.o.in Shanghai

2,391–3,288 USD
Shanghai, Shanghai Shi, China
June 12, 2018


DegreeBachelor's Degree
CertificatesTEFL, TESOL, CELTA
NativeOnly for native English speakers


FlightOne-way ticket
VisaWorking visa


*Details: *What do we do?
At élan, we teach English through engaging with literature and writing practice for students aged 5-
12. In the beginning, it’s likely that you will predominantly take on Phonics, Early Reader Program,
and lower level literature/writing coursework with the opportunity to teach picture books, novels,
grammar, and different writing mediums in the future.
Each of the centers has a Library with over 5000 original English books. Students signing up for
our Library follow our specially-developed Guided Reading Program designed to make students
become independent readers while furthering their joy of reading.
Teachers’ responsibilities:
1. Deliver high quality literature, writing, and phonics courses to students including assigned
2. Issue, explain and mark all tasks and assignments, including in-class and post class
assignments, to students and parents of younger students.
3. Conduct phonics tests and free trials for new students and make recommendations for
4. Enforce a “culture of English” and other élan expectations through classroom discipline and
5. Work with the Center manager, Head Teacher and other staff in the center to be informed
about schedule changes, absences, and students having trial classes, as well as create strategies
for special case students.
6. Substitute for absent colleagues - this may be at short notice and off- site, or involve
assistance in the library during busy times, particularly if you have an empty slot on a weekend.
7. Participate in a training course held by the academic department, which will help you become
familiar with all aspects of Élan curriculum, lesson flow, and quiz schedules.
8. If your work schedule allows and you have an interest, there is an opportunity to assist with
the development of our curriculum, winter and summer classes materials, and also to assist with
marketing events.
Application requirements:
1. Native speakers and citizens of the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Australia,
New Zealand, Canada, Ireland and South Africa.
2. Bachelor’s degree or above
3. TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate
4. Formal English teaching experience is preferred: 1 year and above
Working schedule:
Five days a week (three weekdays and Sat/Sun), with two consecutive days off on weekdays.
Weekday hours: 11am-8pm (with 1 hour for lunch)
Weekend hours: 9am-6pm (with 1 hour for lunch)
Summer and winter holiday schedule will be arranged by the Centre Manager of each center
Benefits and Conditions:
1. Monthly salary: 16000RMB to 22000RMB, before tax
2. Discretional bonus based on annual performance
3. Up to 8000 RMB flight reimbursement (one-way to or from, or return to your home country)
after completing a one year contract
4. Health and accident insurance for a one-year contract
5. A legal Z Work Visa with work permit provided
6. Arrival Support: Airport pick-up
7. Up to 1200RMB hotel fee reimbursement, paid after the 2 months’ probation period
8. 10000RMB start-up loan for accommodation (Teachers have to provide their passport and
accommodation contract as a guarantee until the loan is paid back in three months).
9. 11 days for Chinese Public Holidays plus 11 days for paid annual leave. 3 days full paid ick
leave (teachers need to provide sick note get from local hospital).