Teaching Positions in China. - Suzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc.

Teaching Positions in China. - Suzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc.

Tœufles, France
June 12, 2018


DegreeMaster's Degree
NativeNon-native English speakers can apply


VisaWorking visa


Suzhou Science and Technology Town Foreign Language School (SSFLS)
SSFLS was established in 2016, managed by Lunhua education. it is located in the center part of Suzhou Science and Technology Town, with beautiful mountains and rivers around. Currently, we have Experimental Class, International Class, Girls’ Class, Elite Class and IGCSE Class. We provides education with internalized school characteristics: being international, ecological, technological and human-oriented.
As we know, good teachers make a school good. SSFLS is steered by Mr Cao Lunhua, founder of Lunhua Education and principal Ms Zhang Tong, who is also a professional teacher with highest level of recognition in Jiangsu province.
Our school actively explores new school-oriented courses, including multi- culture courses, self-depending courses, creative-minded courses and art-sport courses. In International Class and IGCSE Class, we use imported textbooks, taught by professional foreign teachers. And we provide arts courses for Girls’ Class students.
SSFLS’s mission is to discover the truth of the world, pursue the joy of growing up and chase the freedom of the mind. We hold the vision of broad knowledge for global citizens and enlighten student’s wisdom for fulfilled lives!
Our kindergarten applies a special mode, combing two foreign teachers, one Chinese teacher and one child-care worker together. Chinese teachers are professional in preschool education with abundant experiences. Each class contains about 20 children. We use group teaching method to make each child get more attention.
We have introduced Twinklekidz, the leading brand of Singapore preschool education. The curriculum system of Twinklekidz, covers six domains, including aesthetics and creative expression, discovery of the world, language and literacy, motor skills development, numeracy, social and emotional development.
The system has consisted of bilingual theme-based core courses, life skill courses, practical courses and extended courses, which is tailored for children to help them grow up more naturally and individually.
we aim to train students to be respectful, understandable, disciplinary, collaborative, elegant, innovative, moral and ethical members of society with the values associated with the acronym ‘INTER’, which stands for: Innovation, Nobility, Teamwork, Elegance, Rule. We selected Cambridge International Primary Program which is reputed to be one of Britain’s quality curricula. English is taught as a first language by foreign teachers as they provide and foster an environment for immersion. Subjects taught include: Language Arts (phonics, spelling, reading, grammar, comprehension, and writing), Mathematics, Science, ICT, and Social Studies.
Girl’s class aim to instill in our girls an awareness of compassion and care, dignity and confidence and an appreciation of communicative and co-operative teamwork and a consciousness of innovation with the values associated with the 6Cs. The 6Cs are Creative, Confident, Caring, Communicative, Cooperative, Courageous. We offer Mathematics and bilingual Science to help the girls think more logically and critically. We offer English, oral English taught by foreign teachers, minor foreign languages, drama, speech and oratorical courses to help the girls express themselves eloquently. We offer piano, dancing, calligraphy, and visual arts to help the girls showcase their talents superiorly. And we offer traditional Chinese Philosophy, Chinese and Western Manners, health education to help the girls live their lives more gracefully.
IGCSE CLASS’S objectives are to cultivate international elites who are proficient in both eastern and western culture. Our core subjects include math, Chinese, English, physics, biology, chemistry, economics and ICT, we also offer Extended subjects as multi-language, ILETS, drama, youth entrepreneur, global perspectives, British & American literature, English writing, fencing and orchestra and elective subjects like EtonX leadership course, student associations, film appreciation, woodworking, cloth-art, scientific experiment, masters’ forum, food & nutrition, piano, dancing, etc.
- IB (PYP) kindergarten and elementary in Suzhou and Wuxi.

1.Positions to be filled:
3 ESL teachers for Girls’ Class and IC Class
5 kindergarten teachers
1 Economics teacher for IGCSE Class
1 Chemistry teacher for IGCSE Class
1 Biology teacher for IGCSE Class
 6 IB pyp homeroom teachers

2.Qualifications & Requirements:
oBA or higher.
o22-50 years of age.
o2 years of related experiences or master degree in related subjects or holding a authenticated TEFL certificate.
oA demo class or an online interview will be required to demonstrate the teacher’s teaching skills.
-Notice: You must have either a 2-year-teaching experience or a TEFL Certificate gained in TEFL China to apply the work permit and working visa. If not, you can still come to China with a tourist visa first and take the TEFL China Course in Beijing, Shanghai or Suzhou for about one week and get the TEFL Certificate which is valid for applying a work permit in China according to the regulations.

3 . Starting date:
September 2017
4 . Teaching hours:
Workload: No more than 20 teaching periods a week (40 minutes each period)
Work Hours: 9:15 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (Mon. – Fri.)
5. Class sizes:
10 – 30 students per class.
6. Before TAX Salary:
RMB 16000 – RMB 26000 depending on qualification, experience and demo class. P.S: Salaries could exceed this limit if the candidate has higher qualifications – e.g. a masters or PHD in the related subject, and experience over 10 years.

7. Other benefits
● 10000 air ticket per year
● 3000 travel stipends
● Paid holidays
● Free school bus
● Medical and accident insurance
● Free accommodation on campus or 3000rmb housing allowance each month

8. Contact information
● Contact person: Gordon Zhang
● Email: [URL protected]
● Wechat: [WeChat protected]
● Skype: [Skype protected]