Well paid Teaching jobs in China(multi subjects )

Well paid Teaching jobs in China(multi subjects )

1,794–2,690 USD
June 13, 2018


DegreeNo degree
CertificatesNo certificate
NativeOnly for native English speakers




*Details: *Great teaching opportunities available all year around in China various cities.
1. 14K to 29K Kindergaren/Elementary in Qingdao city, need English teacher for Aug 2018 start, 2
years contract .native English speaker only
2. 15k to 19k kindergarten ESL teacher in coast city qingdao city, Changsha ,Hangzhou,
shanghai,,Chongqing, Chengdu, Foshan, zhuhai, Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai etc all over China
free apartment or rent allowance April/May/June/Sept/Aug 2018 start native English speaker only
3.18K-30K elementary school homeroom teachers wanted in Beijing, Hangzhou, Qingdao, IB
kindergarten teachers wanted in Shanghai , Aug 2018 start
4. Shantou, Zhuhai, Sanya, Shenzhen , Guangzhou etc, Mon to Fri schedule, kindergarten to
middle school ESL teacher and subjectss teacher wanted salary 12K to 15K, free apartment. one
year renewable native with degree wanted
6. kids training school salary 12K to 20K for native English speakers plus free apartment or
rent allowance all over China( Qingdao,xiamen, jiamusi, Nantong, Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou
,wenzhou, jiaxing , shenzhen etc.all over China ..) --native or western looking near native English
7. 7,000-10,000rmb University ESL teacher wanted in various cities in China, Sept 2018 start.
near native with degree from native English speaking counries acceptable , Winer/summer
vacation with pay. small working hours
8, 15000rmb, University in Nanchanag need civil engineering teacher, March start,
Winer/summer vacation with pay. small working hours , native or near native with good
English accent
9. German, French, Spanish, Arabic native speakers with good English, teach in universities,
free private apartment, z visa, small working hours, one year contract renewable. paid
summer/winter vocatons. salary 7000-8500Rmb per month
10.adults training school in various cities all over China, pay is 12000-18000RMB per month for
native English speakers or near native .
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