English Teachers in China

English Teachers in China

1,000–6,000 USD
Beijing, Beijing Shi, China
June 13, 2018


DegreeNo degree
CertificatesNo certificate
NativeOnly for native English speakers




*Details: *We are hiring people who are willing to teach English in China (mostly in Beijing). The
basic qualification is that the candidate has to hold an associate degree or above. And of
course, he or she must speak English fluently (native English speaker is ideal). In some
instances, GED certificate holders or high school graduates are also qualified and
welcome to apply. The hired person should also be able to pass the background
check/criminal record check or provide a certificate of no criminal record. The salary
depends on the candidate’s qualification and might be from $1,000 -$6,000 per month.
However, the accommodation is free and breakfast and lunch are provided for free as
well on weekdays. He or she only needs to buy himself or herself dinners on weekdays
and meals on weekends.
Please send your resume. Normally, a qualified candidate after
prescreen will be invited to do a Skype interview. If it is necessary in some situation, the
onsite interview will be conducted in the United States. As an onboard bonus, the on-way
flight ticket to China from the U.S. will be provided for free or may apply for
reimbursement after arriving in China once you are hired. We can also help you obtain
related certificates and apply for visa at a Chinese Consulate or Embassy.