English Language Teachers at Dar Al Fikr Schools

2,600–3,800 USD
Jeddah, Makkah Province, Saudi Arabia


Abroad (full-time)
School type
Teaching hours per week
Class length
50 min
Max students per class
Student age


Bachelor's Degree
CELTA, Teaching licence
Only for native English speakers
3 years


Medical insurance
Round trip
Working visa
650 USD Allowance


Dar Al-Fikr (DAF) School is searching for English instructors

Dar Al-Fikr School is a non-profit institution, dedicated to superior education. Established in 1985, educating above 750 students, Kindergarten through Grade 12. The School offers its own designed, integrated curriculum which includes the Saudi and US curriculua. Students study the majority of their subjects in English, and the school prepares students for TOEFL and SAT tests. We aim to provide our students with diverse experiences through educationto support the society and the country.

Least necessities for capabilities:

(1) A four year certification in any subject of a perceived advanced education organization in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom or Australia.

(2) Education authentication, TEFL or CELTA testament.

(3) Minimum 3 years of instructive experience, ideally in the International School Environment, IGCSE/IB School or the American Diploma Program abroad.

(4) English is familiar and locals are favored.

(5) strong information of MS Word and Excel.

(6) Modern internet learning assets Experience utilizing SMART sheets, tablets and other learning devices accessible in present day classrooms.

Perfect applicants have the accompanying capabilities:

• M.A English-arranged training as a second language

• Bachelor of English or Bachelor of Linguistics.

• Two years of experience showing English as an unknown dialect or a second language.

• Effective instruction or preparing licenses in the United States.

• Two years of instructive involvement in the classroom.

• Experience somewhere around one year in English expressions, scholarly composition, writing, or humanities training as a component of the American educational modules.

Foundation to cutting edge individuals or propelled benchmarks and standards

• Ethics and valuable frame of mind toward work.

• regard the tenets of school, organization and other staff.

• Emotional knowledge and relational aptitudes.

• Respond adaptably with a positive and functional frame of mind.

• Respect nearby conventions, laws and traditions.

• Positive and benevolent disposition.

• Experience with exceptional necessities youngsters or kids with learning inabilities.

• Learn Arabic or Arabic directions written in spoken language.