Online ESL Teacher for GOGOKID

14–25 USD


Min hours per week
Min hours per week during peak hours
Class length
25 min
Max students per class
Student age


Bachelor's Degree
1 year


Gogokid creates a connection between children in China and the world by providing a global learning experience. Our mission is to foster our students to learn the English language as a tool, not as a goal, and to become individuals with creative and critical thinking skills.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or above 

  • Native English speaker from the US or Canada

  • TEFL/TESOL or equivalent

  • One year’s experience working with kids

Job Overview 

If you're passionate about teaching young learners while earning an extra income - then this is the position for you. GOGOKID offers teachers the chance to work with incredible students from around China, all from the comfort of their home. Teachers have the chance to earn up to $25 per hour - which is currently one of the highest rates on the ESL market. 

You will need to be enthusiastic about teaching young students, as some students can be as young as three years old. The length of each class is 25-minutes and is taught in a 1-on-1 setting on the GOGOKID platform. Teachers are allowed to create their own schedule, with no minimum or maximum hours required to teach. If you prefer teaching older students, then this may not be the company for you. However, they do appear to be marketing towards older students. 

GOGOKID strongly encourages teachers to use props and an additional reward system to further engage students. 

How many students do I teach in each class?

All of the classes here at GOGOKID are one on one with the students. You will only teach one student for each class.

What do I need to prepare for the classes?

You don’t need to prepare teaching materials. However, it is strongly recommended that you have your own teaching props ready in order to better facilitate the classes and that you read and review the class slides before the classes.

Will I need to communicate with the parents?

In a way, you will need to write up some feedback within 12 hours of the class ending to describe how the class went. It’s recommended that you write what you covered in the class, what the student did well, and what the student need to practice more (and give directions on how to go about practicing). This will be your only required communication with the parents.

When and how will teachers be paid?

The payment for the last calendar month shall be payable no later than the fifteenth (15th) day of the current month. To ensure your payment is transferred on time, we strongly recommend you use Paypal as the primary payment option.